Chicago Bears Super Bowl Odds 2023

Chicago Bears Super Bowl Odds 2023

The Bears were expected to contend for the No. 1 pick entering the season, and while that probably won’t be exactly where they end up, they will be near the top of the draft. Still, despite being the first NFC team eliminated from playoff contention, this season may ultimately be viewed as a success for Chicago. A poor all-around offense and the inexperience of Justin Fields were expected to be this team’s undoing, but Fields has begun to show serious progress. In close games, however, the Bears have too often been overmatched by talent. The ship has sailed on 2022, but that means the upcoming offseason will be a critical one for GM Ryan Poles.

Chicago Bears Team Super Bowl Odds & Futures

The Bears’ Super Bowl odds are off the board after being eliminated from playoff contention.

Chicago Bears Odds Analysis

The Bears’ season has not been what it appears to be on paper. They started pretty strong, jumping out to a 2-1 start and sitting 3-4 through seven games, but the bottom has fallen out ever since. Even so, Bears fans have to be more excited about what they’ve seen down the stretch than what they saw early in the season. Justin Fields has made huge strides as both a passer and a runner, unlocking his dynamic rushing ability while looking much more efficient through the air.

There’s still growth to come as a passer, but Fields also isn’t working with a very good group of weapons. That has to give the Bears some excitement about what’s to come if they can add legitimate weapons and an offensive line around their quarterback.

The defense has fallen off as the season has progressed, and that’s been Chicago’s undoing in close games. It’s also by design. The Bears traded both Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn ahead of the deadline, so they understand they’ll have to start from scratch on the front seven. While it won’t likely be possible to restock the entire defense in one offseason, the Bears’ outlook for 2023 is absolutely brighter than it was heading into 2022 as long as Fields stays on the right track.

Chicago’s Super Bowl odds for this season are off the board. The Bears were the first NFC team eliminated and second overall. It will be interesting to see where their odds end up ahead of the 2023 season, though. That will depend on what kind of offseason moves Ryan Poles makes in the spring, but you would have to think some bettors will be willing to take a risk on a potential Fields breakthrough similar to the one Jalen Hurts is experiencing right now.

Reasons Why the Bears Can Win Super Bowl

The Bears have been eliminated from playoff contention, but here are some reasons for future hope

  • Justin Fields continues to look more comfortable as a passer
  • The Bears have room to add more offensive weapons

Reasons Why Bears Won’t Win the Super Bowl

  • Trades of Robert Quinn, Roquan Smith leave behind a poor front seven
  • Fields still makes his share of mistakes as a passer
  • The Bears lack legitimate receiving weapons
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