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The current Chicagi Bears Super Bowl Odds are . 2022 was a year to forget if you are a Bears fan as it got about as bad as you could expect. Their horrific level of play did eventually lead to the first overall pick, turning that into future capital in a trade with the Panthers. The future looks bright, yet it may take another year or two until the Bears are considered a contender.

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With the leap in production from Justin Fields as one of the more dynamic dual threat players in the league, the Bears had the luxury of trading their first pick for future assets as they are set at quarterback. They found a trade suitor in the Panthers and gave away their pick for Carolina’s ninth overall pick, a robust number of future picks, and stud receiver DJ Moore.

Even by revamping their offense with more playmakers for Justin Fields to work with, their defense also has serious holes which holds them back from being an immediate contender. Even with their recent signings and newfound draft capital, I would be hard pressed to see how the Bears can turn this around quickly. Even in the midst of a weakened NFC conference.

Chicago Bears Super Bowl Odds Analysis

If the Bears did want to turn into an instant viable sleeper pick, then they need to beef up their offense. They have their man at quarterback in Justin Fields who has come into his own as a Lamar Jackson type of dynamic player. This throwing ability is less to be desired, but he did have little to no help at receiver.

That position has since been revamped with the acquisition of DJ Moore in their trade with the Panthers. Moore has been one of the best receivers in the league who has been held back by poor quarterback play. He now has free reign to burn stretched out secondaries as opposing defenses have to spy Fields at all times to limit his running ability.

While DJ Moore is exactly what the Chicago Bears offense needed, it is quickly showing to not be enough as this offense has serious holes everywhere else. Especially on the offensive line, consistently getting abused and creating a collapsing pocket. Fields being forced to scramble and throw on the run does him no favors as he already struggles to throw at a consistent rate.

Speaking of Fields, it may be time to start looking at a viable back up plan this coming offseason as the preseason hype has quickly vanished. His throwing ability has not progressed at all, failing to generate any sort of downfield production through the air. His offensive line is doing him no favors but his decision making even in a clean pocket has been very head scratching.

Their current Super Bowl odds already plummeted after a loss to the Packers in week one, now dropping even farther after a reaffirming loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The offense proved that their week one struggles were no fluke, now bringing on more questions than answers for how they respond over the full course of the season. The Bears are a middling team at best, potentially on the outside looking in come playoffs.

Reasons Why the Bears Can & Can’t Win Super Bowl


  • Justin Fields is progressing as a dynamic dual threat quarterback
  • Revamped receiving core with the addition of stud wideout DJ Moore
  • Running game looks to be improved


  • Offensive line still weak even after drafting Darnell Wright with their first round pick
  • Even with added depth on defense, still a weak unit that struggles in the pass rush
  • Justin Fields passing still looks middling at best
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