Chicago Bulls NBA Championship Odds 2022-23

The current Chicago Bulls NBA championship odds are . They reached the playoffs last season as the 6th seed before ultimately losing in five games to the Milwaukee Bucks. Despite exiting in the opening round, the Bulls displayed tremendous growth through the additions of DeMar DeRozan, Lonzo Ball, and Alex Caruso.

Their clutch play and isolation scoring boomed due to DeRozan, while Ball and Caruso brought perimeter defense to the squad. This off-season, the Bulls added key reserves in Andre Drummond, Goran Dragic, Tristan Thompson, and Dalen Terry. Chicago looks deeper than last season, which bodes well considering their injury woes. 

Chicago Bulls NBA Championship Odds & Futures 2022-23

The current odds for Chicago futures are located in the table below. It includes championship, conference, division, and win total odds for the Bulls. 

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The Bulls are in the middle of the pack for championship odds, which is reasonable considering the staggering amount of contenders. However, their talented roster has me believing the odds are too long and that Chicago holds value. DeRozan and LaVine are premier isolation scorers, which is essential against stiff playoff defense. I expect positive shooting regression from Vucevic, and this upgrade will grant Chicago a formidable offensive trio. If Patrick Williams can remain healthy and Lonzo returns at full strength, then the Bulls will trot out an electric starting lineup while maintaining a deep and impactful bench. 

And although they were brushed aside by the Bucks, that series shouldn’t be the projection for this team. Chicago had unfortunate shooting luck against Milwaukee that I don’t see happening again. In total, the Bulls had 277 FGA and 172 3PA that were open/wide open (4+ feet from nearest defender), but they shot a 38.6 FG% and 29.6 3PT% on those attempts. Look for Chicago to drastically improve those splits and perform at a lofty level this time around. 

Reasons Why Chicago Bulls Can & Can’t Win NBA 2022-23 Championship 


  • Shooting Efficiency: The Bulls were hyper-efficient last regular season, which only makes their playoff shooting woes even more confusing. They ranked 3rd in FG%, 4th in 3PT%, 3rd in FT%, and 1st in pull-up FG%. Chicago can surround DeRozan with four legitimate perimeter shooters at all times, and they should have five guys hovering around 40 3PT% on decent volume. Vucevic had a 47/31/76 shooting split, but he produced a 47/40/84 split during the 2020/21 season. If Vucevic returns to normal, then the Bulls will be even deadlier. 
  • Perimeter Defense: Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso are elite perimeter defenders who suffocate ball handlers and stifle passing lanes. LaVine was rejuvenated on a winning team, and he excels defensively when focused. His athleticism and length allow him to switch effortlessly, which is essential in the modern NBA. Patrick Williams will fight for an All-Defense spot this season, and he can guard the bigger forwards. Overall, Chicago should dominate the perimeter again. They ranked 1st in opponent open/wide open FGA and 2nd in opponent open/wide open 3PA, so opponents struggled to get clean looks. They were 26th in opponent FG% and 25th in opponent 3PT% for those situations, so bad luck plagued this defense. 
  • Rebounding: Vucevic is an effective rebounder who snagged 11 RPG last season. It wasn’t a weakness, but the Bulls upgraded immensely. During the off-season, they added Andre Drummond and Tristan Thompson to their center rotation. Both players are elite rebounders who control the glass on both ends. Chicago will have no problem closing out possessions this year, which is vital in a conference with exceptional bigs. 


      • Shot Profile: Their shooting efficiency was fantastic, but the Bulls fell behind because of their favored zones. Chicago ranked 1st in percentage of total points from the mid-range and 30th in percentage of total points from three-pointers. Both zones are important, but it’s nearly impossible to win today without a large diet of threes. A 33 3PT% equals a 50 2PT%, so keeping pace with a barrage of three-pointers is exceptionally difficult even for a mid-range savant like DeRozan. The Bulls were also 21st in percentage of total points from the paint. Overall, Chicago has to convert some of their mid-range attempts into 3PA or around the basket attempts. Otherwise, opponents will shoot them out of the gym based on long-term math.
      • Vucevic’s Defense: The biggest concern defensively is Vucevic, who lacks the necessary quickness to survive on the perimeter. Opponents were targeting him in the pick and roll by forcing him outside and driving past him. A healthy Ball and Caruso can aid him, but Vucevic has to improve his isolation and help defense. The road to the championship will wind through a variety of elite big men, so it’s imperative that Vucevic holds up. He doesn’t have to be dominant, but the Bulls cannot win a ring if he’s a major liability. 
      • Forward Depth: The Bulls have a number of guards and centers on the bench, but they lack a true backup for Patrick Williams. Derrick Jones Jr (6’6”) isn’t strong enough to face the larger forwards, and although Javonte Green plays beyond his size, he still stands 6’5”. Owning multiple huge wings is a tremendous advantage and almost a necessity, but the Bulls are lacking. Acquiring a backup for Williams is the missing piece for this roster, yet they still have plenty of time to resolve this issue. 
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