College Football Season Hanging by a Thread

The possibility of a college football season looks very bleak as power five conferences turn to a vote on whether it is worth playing or no. On Monday morning, the Dan Patrick Show reported that the Big Ten voted 12-2 in favor of canceling the Big Ten football season.

Sources are reporting that the Big Ten and Pac-12 will cancel its seasons on Tuesday, and the ACC and Big 12 will vote on a season later this week. The SEC is looking to add more teams for 2020 college football season if they play.

College football players in power five conferences have come together to start the #WeWantToPlay movement on social media. College football players want to play, but they also want to make sure they are protected as the coronavirus pandemic is still going on in the U.S.

As of writing this, the odds of a college football season look dimmer than ever before.


Last week, the Pac-12 players came together to form a pact that they would not play the college football season unless they were compensated adequately for the 2020 season. Some of their demands were around basics like testing for all Pac-12 players, along with players being able to sit out and not have their eligibility impacted.

After their COVID-19 demands, they call for coaches and administrators in the Pac-12 to reduce their pay and for schools to restore the nonrevenue sports. They also had requests around money and freedom like six-year scholarships so athletes can finish school after play. They also asked for the ability to transfer once without penalty and due process rights. The biggest ask was 50 percent of all revenue in their respective sport, which would change the college sports landscape entirely.

Pac-12 players had lofty requests going into the football season, and it does not seem the Pac-12 will consider them.

Then, on Sunday, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence went to Twitter to discuss how no college football season will impact the players. However, if a season does happen, the players have a few asks for the NCAA and their respective universities.

The pact formed was between the power five schools and ask for mandated health and safety protocols surrounding the coronavirus and to protect all players in every conference. They then ask that players can opt-out and not have their eligibility impacted along with coaches respecting the decisions of their players.

They finally for a college football player association so they can have open communication and trust among players and the universities and NCAA. Overall, this is the most accessible players have voiced their concerns with the NCAA and how they are compensated for their play.

Although it does not seem that power five conferences will take the demands seriously in 2020, there appears to be more traction on being adequately compensated in the future. If the college football season moves to the spring, then there is a chance that this could pick up even more steam, and players will begin to have leverage over the NCAA.

College football is such a big revenue driver for college and universities. The lack of a college football season will have tremendous impact on athletic departments and schools across the country. With that going on, players could continue to hold out until their demands are met on proper compensation, especially during a time like the coronavirus pandemic.

Impact on Sportsbooks

Football is the largest revenue driver in sportsbooks. In 2018, Las Vegas saw 63 percent of the total sports betting handle being wagered on football games. Now, a majority of that money is still being placed on NFL games.

However, college football sees plenty of action come in on any given fall Saturday. Without college football, sportsbooks could see another big loss to their books without the sport being played.

The NFL should make up for some of the lost handle, but no college football will impact sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, and others. Books see college football tickets get as high as 100k on individuals games.

If the NFL plays this fall, then things should be ok even without college football. The sports betting industry will pivot to pro sports until the U.S. is through the pandemic.

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