Colorado Online Casinos: Expected Casino Apps on Launch

Colorado has a history of resisting trends to permit various forms of gambling. The state-approved legislation for lottery-type games in 1983, but many insist that was because the revenue was earmarked to help preserve Colorado’s beautiful natural resources. Voters eventually approved legislation that permitted select casino locations.

Today, there are dozens of locations, many associated with Colorado’s Tribal casinos. Some were surprised at the minimal resistance there was to legal sports betting. In the age of technology, there’s a new push for expanding brick-and-mortar casinos in Colorado to allow online casinos.

Colorado Brick-and-Mortar Casino and Online Casino History

Colorado flag As American’s began to press westward in the 19th century, Colorado became an increasingly popular destination. Those who took the gamble to move from the East had an inherent personality characteristic. These people enjoyed taking gambles.

It’s not surprising that one of the most popular forms of settler recreation was gambling. Games of chance were a respite from the tough life of the early frontier. Gamblers in the early West were considered to be as gainfully employed as were doctors or clergy.

As the Gold Rush days faded and towns began to grow, town councils looked to civilize their communities. Gambling is not one of the recreational activities they held in high esteem. Soon, laws were enacted that made any form of gambling against Colorado state law.

Once revered as calculated takers of chance, those caught gambling were classified as criminals. These laws would hold fast for more than a century. Colorado gambling enthusiasts finally earned a reprieve in 1990.

After years of debate, lawmakers began crafting legislation to take advantage of the revenue in which legal casinos could pack into the Colorado’s treasury. While brick-and-mortar casinos were approved, they were congregated in three main municipalities.

The bulk of the casinos are in Black Hawk and Cripple Creek, with a handful of locations in Central City, Colorado. As long as the process took to get physical casinos approved, with the launch of legal sportsbooks, we expect online casinos to open much quicker.

Expected Colorado Online Casino Games

Heading towards legal online casino games seems to be a foregone conclusion. With legal online sports betting now launched, clearly online casinos would be the logical next step. Four online casino operators are in a good position to launch when the online casino bell sounds in Colorado. Let’s take a look at four online casinos prime to launch.


DraftKings Online Casino

DraftKings has built a tremendous reputation as a daily fantasy sports platform. They carried that success into their sportsbook once the U.S. Supreme Court lifted the federal ban. The same DraftKings dedication to customers is part of their online casino games.

The DraftKings casino app has generated outstanding reviews for user-friendly visuals and smooth game transitions. While not the largest in the online casino world, where it is legal DraftKings is offering new accounts a welcome bonus package.

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New accounts in states with a DraftKings Casino can earn up to $1,500 worth of matching deposit bonus money. DraftKings is matching your first deposit at 100 percent. You also get a $10 free betting credit just for signing up!

The opening of the physical DraftKings Sportsbook location at the Mardi Gras Casino in Black Hawk helps provide a smooth transition when Colorado launches online casino games. Expect the DraftKings casino app to be wildly popular in Colorado, if online casinos launch.

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FanDuel Online Casino

Like DraftKings, FanDuel has made a huge impact in the daily fantasy sports industry and then parlayed that strong presence into tremendous success with sports betting. However, another event for FanDuel may have an even greater impact on their online casino potential.

In July 2018, FanDuel joined forces with London-based betting icon Paddy Power Betfair. The agreement merged Betfair and FanDuel’s U.S. operations into one company, the FanDuel Group. This partnership has cemented FanDuel as an online gambling force.

Awaiting the launch of online casino games in Colorado, the two companies may become something akin to a one-two-punch. Betfair has an individual online casino platform separate from FanDuel’s.

Both are primed for Colorado to cut the red tape for online casino games. FanDuel is ready to welcome new accounts. There isn’t a bonus code required to secure the possible $200 risk-free first bet that it currently offers in states with FanDuel online casinos.

All you need to do is make an initial deposit of at least $10. Once you finish the simple registration process, FanDuel will post an account credit if your first bet isn’t a winner. FanDuel’s online casino doesn’t provide additional bonuses thus far. However, there are planned weekly promotions where online casino players can earn bonuses. FanDuel is ready to launch when Colorado triggers online casino games, so expect some changes in the welcome bonus structure when that happens.

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Betfair Online Casino

Betfair has one of the more established reputations for online casino games. Like other online casino providers, Betfair inched into the Colorado gambling market through sports betting. With such a large customer base, they have experience on their side.

Betfair is also offering one of the most eye-catching welcome bonus packages in the states that it is currently live in. A four-digit matching deposit bonus jumps off the registration page. With promo code, Betfair will match your first deposit up to $2,500.

That’s a 100 percent match, dollar-for-dollar. Betfair is also handing out another $30 welcome deposit that requires nothing but a completed free registration and then any deposit to earn it. You get $10 just for setting up your new account.

Betfair has one of the most extensive game boards as well. There are over 300 casino-style games you can play online. Betfair will be a strong presence in Colorado, providing casino game fans with an array of ways to win huge jackpots from the palm of their hand.

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Caesars Online Casino

The final option that appears to be a prime candidate to launch when Colorado approves online casinos has the most famous name. Caesars online casino is an industry leader, not only in terms of online games but has an established casino name worldwide.

Caesars has built a well-established online casino track record. There is an outstanding selection of over 400 slot games, 10 Blackjack varieties, and 21 poker options. Caesars also has virtual sports betting games.

Another attractive quality is Caesar’s excellent loyalty program. Caesars allows online casino players to transfer winnings to any of Caesar’s 40 physical casino locations. New Colorado Caesar accounts can earn a few bonuses as well.

In states with Caesars online casino, there’s a $10 free money bonus just for signing up. Then, after you make your first deposit, Caesars will match that deposit 100 percent up to as much as $300. Online casino players will also want to take part in Caesar’s $2,500 Bonus Play Giveaway.


Colorado Online Casino Requirements and Restrictions

Despite approving physical casinos nearly 30 years ago, there were still some stiff restrictions put in place. Colorado started with a bet maximum of $5 and an age restriction of 21 or older. Today, Tribal casinos are permitted to allow players 18 or above.

It wasn’t until 2009 that Colorado increased the casino bet maximum to $100 through the passage of Amendment 50. Legislators also approved 24-hour operations as well. There are 24 rules in place that govern all aspects of gaming, including online casinos.

Each application must meet a series of rigid requirements. All casino applications, including online, require each individual game to be officially registered. New regulations the enforcement of current requirements are overseen by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission.

Online Casinos Impact on Colorado

online casino iconThe first impact that legal online casinos will have for Colorado will benefit the players. Unregulated, and usually illegal online gambling sites, offer no recourse to players who do not get paid when they win.

Online casinos must adhere to the standards and regulations designated by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission. There will be stipulations on payout probabilities and minimum payouts.

This will help ensure honesty and integrity for Colorado’s online casino players. The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission will approve and document all legal online casinos. There will be an application fee to secure a license.

A particular amount of all gross revenues generated by licensed Colorado online casinos will be subject to a set tax. Colorado’s residents will no longer have to pursue, albeit illegal, outside online casino providers to play casino-style games.

This will bring an enormous amount of revenue into Colorado, revenue that otherwise went undetected and therefore untaxed. The application fees to secure an online casino license will also benefit the state.

Colorado already has an attractive tourism business. Now, when online casino games are legalized, tourists will have another exciting reason to visit the Rocky Mountain State. This will expand the tourism business to generate even more money for the state.

These profits will be dispersed to an array of local businesses and individual towns where tourists come for other reasons but also indulge in legal online casino games. Pending an official launch of online casino games in Colorado, four companies are ready to go.

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Colorado Online Casino FAQs

Will Colorado players be able to play online casino games on a mobile device?

Yes. Certain online casino platforms work equally well on a desktop or mobile device. Some platforms require an online casino app to be downloaded before players can use mobile devices to play. Once launched, Colorado online casinos will be available on desktop or mobile device.

Are cash games the only way to play online casino games?

No. Online casino platforms offer free demo versions of most casino games, plus play-for-fun games that do not require a deposit. However, only cash games where the account holder bets a specific amount of money will pay cash prizes for winners.

If you have a DraftKings online casino account in another state, can you play in Colorado?

No. Online casino accounts can only be played legally inside the state where the account is registered and online casino games are legal. However, once launched, all accounts for those online casinos approved in Colorado will be able to be used.

Can you use someone else’s credit card or bank account to make an online casino deposit?

No. All deposits of any form, including withdrawals made from an online casino account, must be associated with the same person who owns the online casino account. These restrictions are for authenticating personal identification, including age, and for tax purposes.

Are deposits into online casino accounts safe?

Yes. Each online casino operator approved in Colorado must pass a rigorous series of background checks. Banking regulations will insist that all monies deposited into online casino accounts be guaranteed. However, it will be the account holder’s responsibility to secure their account properly.

Is online casino welcome bonus money available immediately?

No. However, any initial bonus money that is not tied to a first deposit is available as soon as the registration is completed. Matching deposit bonus monies are determined by a preset play-through requirement. Check the welcome bonus terms to determine when a deposit bonus will become available.

Can I play online Poker in Colorado?

No, currently, Colorado does not allow for online poker. This could be something that is expanded upon in the future. One thing that would increase the likely hood of this is if Colorado enters the Multi-State Gaming Compact, allowing you to play poker with all states in the compact.

What is the largest welcome bonus in Colorado?

The largest online casino bonus in states with online casinos avaible is undoubtedly DraftKings, with a possible $1,500+ of bonus money. The deposit match doubles your first deposit up to $1,500 of bonus money. Of course, this is not available until online Casinos are available.

Are online casino winnings taxable income in Colorado?

Yes, all casino, iGaming, and sports betting winnings are taxable income in Colorado. This means that you will need to report winnings from online casinos just like you would from prize winnings from in-person casinos. It does not matter if the games are won online.

Are my sportsbook and casino accounts linked?

On FanDuel and DraftKings, your accounts on your sportsbook and casino will be linked as long as you use the same email. This also works for daily fantasy sports for these platforms. However, your wallet is separate when it comes to deporting money.

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