DraftKings King of the Speedway 2020

How to Race Your to Become DraftKings’ King of the Speedway

Beginning with the Daytona 500 this coming Sunday, NASCAR fans can climb into their proverbial fantasy stock cars and race their way to becoming the King of the Speedway. Here is everything you need to know about how to qualify for the DraftKings King of the Speedway online final next September.

King of the Speedway is DraftKings’ summer long race to an ultimate online battle for a chunk of a $300,000 prize pool. Starting with the first race of the NASCAR season on February 16, there will be qualifying contests.

Each of these qualifying rounds will produce an entry into the online final. This final dash for the $100,000 top prize will be held on September 19. There will also be non-NASCAR qualifying contests posted over the next few months.

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Each of the qualifying contests will award a single ticket into the September final. There will also be cash awards for other places in each of these qualifiers. The prize pool for each qualifier will vary depending upon the entry fee.

Players can continue to play in the qualifying rounds after they’ve won their single finals entry ticket. However, if they win a second qualifier, the entry will be awarded to the next eligible finisher.

The prize breakdown for each qualifier will be different. However, the prize pool at the September final will be huge. Of the $300,000 prize pool, the top racing card will win a cool $100,000.

Second-place will win $30,000, with the third-place finisher netting $20,000. All 40 qualifiers will win cash. The final eight spots in the 40 player field will walk away with $2,000. Every entry will win something, but everyone will have their eye on the $100,000 top prize.


To win a spot in the finals, all you need to do is win one of the summer-long blocks of qualifying contests. One winner and you’re in. To win big cash in September, follow the NASCAR season on DraftKings and keep abreast of who is running hot and who’s not.

Once you earn one of the 40 entries for September’s big race off, you set yourself up for a $100,000 top prize by being ready. Follow our strategy for winning at NASCAR fantasy below and boost your odds.

Come race day, you’ll win by scoring the most fantasy points with your lineup of drivers. Keep in mind, there is only seven fantasy points difference between first and fifth place finishers. However, a block of drivers in the top-10 will magnify your odds dramatically.

Don’t miss the bonus points you can earn from laps led and fastest lap. There is also an important aspect of NASCAR scoring to remember. Each driver will be credited with points or have points taken away in relation to their pole position and finish position differential.

Getting yourself on the oval for the King of the Speedway final requires some strategy. A little luck in fantasy sports never hurts, but your chances will be limited if you base them on just that, chance. Here’s some basic NASCAR strategy to improve your odds of winning a qualifier.

Know How the Scoring Format – This is pretty much standard fantasy sports strategy, but with a limited card of drivers, the margin for error in racing is smaller than some sports.
Know the Drivers – Like knowing the players in other sports, you need to know who the drivers are and preferably how they line up for the pole. Study recent trends, such as which drivers are racing well heading into a particular race, and which drivers might be having weekly issues with their cars.
Know the Track – Do some study on the tracks as the qualifying season unfolds. Some tracks lend themselves to different types of drivers. This can help with finding a low-cost sleeper. Tracks have different characteristics like frequency of lead changes. Know your tracks before each race.
Know the Drivers on the Tracks – This could be the key strategy to grabbing one of the entries into the finals and taking home a big cash payout next September. Study driver history for every entry you post. Certain drivers do extremely well on certain tracks, while others do not.
To get into the September King of the Speedway final, you must climb into your fantasy stock car and race your way there. There will be 40 avid NASCAR fantasy fans eyeing a $100,000 cash prize.

Qualifying will go on all summer ahead of the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race in September. Jump onto the oval now and take advantage of every qualifying round. You may just be the one who steps to the podium to accept the crown as DraftKings’ King of the Speedway.

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