DraftKings Odds On Julio Jones Next Team

The wild NFL offseason has continued as Julio Jones, the latest group of superstars wanting out of their current team. Now we are used to this in the NBA, but the NFL is following suit here. Atlanta has struggled to bounce back since the Super Bowl loss to New England, and Jones’s career is coming to a close. An urgency to win has been cited for him, where Atlanta isn’t quite near the level they used to be. On Monday, a call with Shannon Sharpe added fuel to the fire as he said, “I’m out of there,” in reference to his trade rumors with Atlanta.

Odds For Next Team

Atlanta has said there is a preference to trade him outside of the conference, which pushes a lot of AFC teams higher up the board. New England comes in at +200, where Jones said he would like to play. While New England isn’t the powerhouse team they used to be, we expect them to be better than they were in 2020. Jones would be taking a downgrade at quarterback, but an upgrade on the defensive side. He would come in as an alpha number one, and Mac Jones, who should be starting at some point this season, would have an elite WR1 to throw to.

A couple of AFC South teams would be in the mix, as Tennessee and Indianapolis would greatly welcome Julio Jones. The Titans desperately need some help at wide receiver after failing to address the need over free agency and the draft. Jones and A.J. Brown would end up being a stellar duo. Indianapolis has some young wide receivers, but Jones would immediately be the WR1 and also let T.Y. Hilton deal with lesser corners. Carson Wentz would also get a boost.

The odds for him to stay in Atlanta are still at +500, which are the third-best odds behind the Titans and Patriots. After that, it is the Chargers, Ravens, 49ers, Raiders, Jaguars, and Browns. Los Angeles and Baltimore are intriguing because they can be contenders in 2021.

What Will Happen

We should see trade talks open up over the week. Teams will certainly be calling, even with Jones coming off an injury-plagued 2020 and him being 32 years old. Jones can certainly head to a contender because it makes sense for both sides. He still has something left in the tank, and there are a few teams with a window to win and a salary cap to take on his contract if needed.

The Jones-Atlanta divorce is coming. It makes sense for Atlanta to get a pick or two for Jones and move on. They are not in a position to win this year and have a good young receiving core to move up the ranks.

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