DraftKings Odds Boosts

draftkings sportsbookEach week DraftKings Sportsbook releases Odds Boosts or Odds Enhancements. These boosts apply to specific bets and present the opportunity for you to place a bet with more advantageous odds. DraftKings Sportsbook provides Lineups.com with these promotions on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Mark you calendar and come back to find opportunities for you win more easily.

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This Week’s Odds Boosts

1/10 500th Odds Boost Special*

DraftKings is celebrating our 500th odds boost with a special night of boosts. Trust us – you’re not going to want to miss these!

1/11 Parlay Friday*

It’s Parlay Friday at DK! We’re giving out boosts on the biggest and best parlays of the night! Be sure to tweet at @DKSportsbook on what parlays you want boosted.

1/12 NFL Divisional Specials*

The NFL Playoffs continue with the high-flying matchups between the Colts-Chiefs and Rams-Cowboys! Check out our 8 special boosts featuring Luck, Mahomes, Gurley and much more!

1/13 NFL Divisional Sunday Specials*

DraftKings has 8 more Odds Boosts on the Chargers-Patriots and Saints-Eagles matchups! Check out what we have in store including boosts on Brady, Rivers, Foles, and more!

1/14 Monday Specials*

The first tennis major of the year kicks off and DraftKings Daily Odds Boosts have you covered with specials on the Australian Open as well as primetime CBB and NBA featuring a special Zion boost!

1/15 Tuesday Night Specials*

Daily Odds Boosts on the best NBA, NHL, and more special boosts on the Aussie Open featuring Steph, Embiid, and more!

1/16 Wednesday Night Basketball Specials*

Daily Odds Boost on the NBA and CBB featuring a huge boost on our NBA parlay of the week plus a bonus Aussie Open Boost to feed your tennis fix!

What are Odds Boosts?

An odds boosts will increase the odds on a certain bet. For example, if an outcome has original odds of +200, an odds boost can be used to have a bet placed with odds +300 for that outcome. When DraftKings provides free odds boosts like the above, you want to take advantage. Under normal circumstances, you would need to pay for the boost. Jump on these opportunities as they can be the edge you need.

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