DraftKings to Enter Connecticut

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DraftKings is entering the Connecticut sports betting market thanks to partnering with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, owner of Foxwoods Resort Casino. The two entities formed a multi-year partnership that will allow DraftKings to operate in Connecticut when it officially launches sports betting.

In recent months, sports betting legalization has slowed due to the Mashantucket and Mohegan tribes trying to figure out state lawmakers’ regulations. However, the deal with DraftKings could potentially get things rolling again with a sportsbook ready to enter the market as soon as Connecticut wants to go live.

Mashantucket and DraftKings would still need to gain approval from the state, but New Mexico has set a precedent with this situation. New Mexico’s tribal casinos have in-person sports betting at its locations despite the state not legalizing the new industry. DraftKings could find themselves in a similar situation depending on how regulations play out.

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What Does this Mean for Connecticut?

Connecitcut could find themselves moving forward with sports betting sooner than expected. The state has been going back and forth about regulations thanks to discussions with tribal casinos, and there has been no middle ground found yet.

Now, with the DraftKings and Mashantucket partnership, this could propel talks forward to help finally get the industry off the ground.

Connecticut passing sports betting would be huge for the state, as neighboring New York and Rhode Island already have legal sports betting going on. Massachusettes is the last state in the area to now have passed sports betting yet. Also, Connecticut could ramp up the pressure if it passes online sports betting.

This could cause a trickle effect of anyone living in the surrounding states to head to Connecticut to place bets in the state until other neighboring states finally pass online sports betting of its own. DraftKings partnering with Foxwoods is a huge deal as it could change how states legalize sports betting.

There is a chance that DraftKings could take in-person bets in Connecticut, thanks to the precedent set in New Mexico. If the state is not careful, it could lose revenue if they are not timely in passing sports betting. Connecticut must now figure out a way to reach an agreement with the tribal casinos to ensure a win-win situation for both parties.

“We’ve proven our ability to shape the future of gaming time and time again, and now we’re ready to drive sports wagering and online gaming for the state of Connecticut,” said Rodney Butler, chairman of the Mashantucket.

The state will also need to discuss gaming regulations in the state. In 1994, Connecticut gave tribes full reign of gaming in the state as long as it received 25% of slots revenue. This will now be up for discussion as the state will need to find a middle ground with tribal casinos.

Could FanDuel Follow?


Now with DraftKings entering the Connecticut market, FanDuel could be right behind them with a potential partnership with the Mohegan Tribe. Nothing is in the works yet, but the second-largest U.S. sportsbook will most likely do everything possible to keep up with its rival.

If FanDuel does enter the state, it does put Connecticut in an interesting situation as the tribal casinos could offer in-person betting despite the state not having it passed. New Mexico is really putting the pressure on states to figure out sports betting regulations.

If FanDuel also enters then things will get interesting in the Northeast.

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