DraftKings Unveils Odds on NFL Off-Season Specials

draftkingsmobileappicon-115x115DraftKings Sportsbook is consistently offering a wide array of wagers on its platform. The NFL off-season is no different. Following one of the most entertaining, surprising, and talent-filled drafts we have ever seen, DraftKings has unveiled four different off-season specials for you to wager on today.

Note that on top of these off-season specials, you can already bet on team futures, including Super Bowl, conference, and divisional champions. You can also wager on win total bets under team futures. Then, there are bets on all the major awards like MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and more.

Aaron Rodgers Off-Season Special

green bay packersAaron Rodgers added to the draft day drama when his team leaked the rumors and news that he wants out of Green Bay. He believes the relationship between him and the front office is beyond repair and is leaving the team. As it stands, it seems that not even a lucrative extension can fix things as Rodgers simply does not want to play for that front office anymore.

Following this news, DraftKings has released odds on which team Aaron Rodgers will play his first snap with, for the 2021 NFL Season. The Packers are still favored at -125, which is to be expected due to the fact that he is on that team. However, the next two closest teams are the Broncos at +200 and the Raiders at +500.

Rodgers made it clear that he wants to go to a west coast team, and everyone doubts that the Packers would ever trade Rodgers to an NFC rival. Therefore, the Broncos and Raiders, both somewhat QB-needy teams, are the favorites to land Rodgers if he is traded.

We will not see any kind of trade until June 2nd. This is because the post-June 1st trade would give the Packers roughly $25 million in cap relief versus just $5 million if Rodgers was traded today. Reporters, fans, and analysts will have their alarms set for the morning of June 2nd to see what happens with Aaron Rodgers.

Week 1 Starting QB Specials

san francisco 49ersThree teams drafted a quarterback following Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence, both of which are obvious favorites to start Week 1. Those three QBs are Trey Lance of the 49ers, Mac Jones of the Patriots, and Justin Fields of the Bears. What is interesting is that DraftKings has none of these three rookies as favorites to start Week 1.

For the Bears, the current odds lie at -167 for Andy Dalton and +160 for Justin Fields. This is the closest bet between the favorite and the rookie, which is odd to me because I think Andy Dalton has a much better shot at starting Week 1 when comparing him to Jimmy G and the 49ers situation.

For the 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo is at -400 for Week 1 starter, and Trey Lance sits at +300. I love these odds for Trey Lance and believe that Trey Lance’s odds get shorter and shorter with each passing day. Trey Lance can easily beat out Jimmy G because Kyle Shanahan’s system is perfect for Trey Lance’s skill set. I do not think that you give all of that draft capital up to move up to #3 and then go on to not start that QB Week 1.

Finally, the Patriots’ odds have Cam Newton at -400 and Mac Jones at +500. These odds make a ton of sense, but I would place $10 on Jones just because we do not know a lot about Newton’s health. If he still cannot throw, then Jones will start Week One.

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