FanDuel Sportsbook & Daily Fantasy Terms & Conditions

To play any of the hundreds of daily fantasy contests, or bet on games if you’re in New Jersey, you should read FanDuel’s “Terms of Use”. These stipulations are in place both to protect you and FanDuel. Here are the important points in FanDuel’s Terms of Use. We’ve included eligibility requirements, identity verification, deposit and withdrawal procedures, plus some other helpful points. Your overview will begin with the all-important subject of your privacy.

The FanDuel Privacy Policy?

FanDuel is a platform where you can enter daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests, or bet on games. The Sportsbook is currently only available to residents in the state of New Jersey. FanDuel values your privacy and their terms of service have protections to protect both your privacy and FanDuel’s reputation. FanDuel may collect personal information in order to play on their site.

This information includes:

  • Your first and last name.
  • The state and country you live in. (This is necessary for all types of contents, including DFS).
  • You will have a FanDuel username and password that FanDuel will have access to.
  • You will need to use an email address to sign up for your FanDuel account.
  • There are requirements for depositing and making withdrawals from your FanDuel account. Setting up an account is free, but to play in cash contests, you need to deposit funds. Here are the parts of the FanDuel Terms of Service that pertain to your finances.


  • These policies cover both deposits and withdrawals on the website or mobile app.
  • You must provide your name and address.
  • You need to also provide a phone number.
  • You will give FanDuel your credit card number and billing address. You may also elect to use your PayPal account. To be eligible for cash prizes, you also need to provide FanDuel with your social security number.
  • There may be additional requests to authenticate your identity in the event you win a large cash award.
  • If you’re a FanDuel mobile app user, you will need to input your unique device id.
  • All of this personal data and financial information is encrypted. FanDuel reserves the right to request additional information in order to authenticate your identity and your actual physical location.

FanDuel Eligiblity

The next most frequently asked question is who can use the FanDuel platform. If you want to take part in the new FanDuel Sportsbook to bet legally on games and sporting events, you must prove your New Jersey residency. This is a FanDuel policy because it is federal law. You can legally play FanDuel DFS contests as long as you live in the United States or Canada. DFS contests that do not pay cash prizes are legal in Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and the state of Washington.

New Jersey residents who have provided authenticate proof of residency are eligible to sue the FanDuel Sportsbook. For access to the mobile app, FanDuel will use your mobile device’s location locator. By law, you must allow this to bet using the Sportsbook website or the online mobile app. The age requirement for FanDuel is you must be at least 18 years old. 19 years of age is the requirement for Nebraska and Alabama residents. In Massachusetts, FanDuel accounts are restricted to persons who are at least 21.

FanDuel Website Terms of Service

When you register for your account, FanDuel requires you check the box that indicates you agree to the website terms of service. There are a list of rules you should review to make sure your FanDuel account remains in good standing. Here are a few of these rules you should be aware of.

Multiple Accounts – FanDuel prohibits multiple accounts. If you are found to have two accounts on FanDuel, you can be terminated. FanDuel reserves the right to suspend both accounts, or terminate the last recorded account of record.

FanDuel Employees Not Eligible – You are not eligible to play in public contests if you are a FanDuel employee, or an immediate family member of a FanDuel employee.

Professional and Amateur Athletes – Athletes who participate in a sport and their agents, coaches, owners, and team employees, may not play in contests involving their sport. Likewise, referees and league officials cannot play in contests involving games or teams from their league or sport.

Deposit Chargeback – If you have a deposit charge back, FanDuel may invalidate your winnings. You can be blocked from making a withdraw until this charge back and any fees are satisfied.
Scripts and Bots are Illegal – If you are caught using scripts or bots on FanDuel, your account can be terminated.

FanDuel Deposits and Withdraws

withdrawDeposits: FanDuel deposits must come from an account that is the same as the name on the FanDuel account. You can make a deposit to your FanDuel account using all major credit cards or PayPal.

Withdrawals: Withdrawal requests from your FanDuel account will be processed between 9AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday. You can make a request at any time. Requests for withdraws not during these hours will be processed immediately on the next business day. FanDuel notes that it usually takes from 2 to 8 business days for withdrawals to post.

FanDuel Points and the Players Club

FanDuel rewards their players with FanDuel Points, FDPs and a corresponding rank in their Players Club. Every new account automatically becomes part of the Players Club. Each month you can accumulate FDPs from every paid contest you enter. These FDPs will set your Players Club rank and can be used to enter more contests.

FanDuel Customer Service

fanduel support

FanDuel works to provide outstanding help and support. There is a convenient tab marked FAW where you can review frequently asked questions. There are helpful FanDuel reps available by using the live chat window. You may also contact their customer service department using email.

These are the basic points in the FanDuel Terms of Use. You must agree to and abide by these conditions in order to maintain a FanDuel account and play the hundreds of exciting DFS games. If you’re in New Jersey, you can also bet on games using the new FanDuel Sportsbook. If you have any questions about these terms, reach out to FanDuel customer support.

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