FanDuel Wyoming: Launch Updates, Promo Code, & Sportsbook Review

FanDuel Wyoming Update

fanduelsportsbookapple-115x115Wyoming has officially legalized sports betting as of just a few months ago in April. House Bill 133 was formally signed into law by Wyoming’s Governor, Mark Gordon. Wyoming is one of a few states shooting for full betting capabilities by the start of football season since it is the most popular sport to bet on in America.

Interestingly enough, Wyoming also will give clients the ability to make cryptocurrency deposits into their sportsbook accounts.
Sports betting will bring a lot of tax revenue to the state of Wyoming and help them out fiscally. Keep an eye out for an official date, likely in September, for sports betting to be legal and active for sportsbooks like FanDuel.

FanDuel Wyoming Promo Code

FanDuel knows exactly how to get potential prospects excited for its first-time user promotions. It’s probable that FanDuel will stick to the same promotion that it uses now when Wyoming becomes legalized, which is a risk-free bet of up to $1000. The amount of the risk-free bet is dependent on how much you first deposit into your account upon its creation. There’s also an additional free $50 bet that you can get through using our referral link here.

FanDuel Wyoming Promo Code

Projected Promo Code Details

FanDuel Wyoming Promo CodeNo Code Needed (Not Available Yet)
Standard Bonus on FanDuel Sportsbook$1,000 Risk-Free Bet
Bonus RequirmentsMust be a new user to FanDuel Sportsbook
Age RestrictionThe legal betting age in Wyoming is 18
Verification DateOctober 24, 2021

FanDuel Wyoming Promo Code Launching Soon

FanDuel Sportsbook Sports Review

FanDuel is widely considered one of the best online sportsbooks in the United States, and for a good reason. FanDuel’s vast array of sports and betting options gives it an inherent advantage over competitors. It offers all major sports, like basketball, football, baseball, and hockey. Additionally, you can bet on many other sports like golf, boxing, collegiate basketball and football, darts, cricket, tennis, soccer, MMA, motor racing, and Australian rules.

For those sports, there are a vast number of betting options. Among these options are spread bets, Moneyline wagers, futures, player and team props, totals, and live betting. FanDuel gives bettors many different sports and betting types to crave their hunger.

FanDuel Sportsbook Preview

Top 3 Reasons to Play with FanDuel

There are several reasons to play with FanDuel as your primary sportsbook. It has terrific live betting options and is always up-to-date in that respect. Another obvious reason to play with FanDuel is its superb brand and history. It has been around since 2009 and is a common household name in the sports betting industry. Lastly, FanDuel has a plethora of sports offerings that will give you an opportunity to bet on every sport you could possibly want.



While most online sportsbooks have live betting as an accessible and ready betting feature, few implement it as well as FanDuel. FanDuel keeps the scores up-to-date and allows you to truly bet the game live, as there is virtually no delay. Another remarkable aspect of FanDuel’s live betting is how many sports it offers. You can find a sport somewhere to bet on as FanDuel truly is global, even late at night.

FanDuel live betting


History and Brand

In April, the NFL announced its first sportsbooks sponsors, and FanDuel was amongst the three named. FanDuel has a stellar reputation, and it’s enough for the NFL to trust it. Brand and trust were significant components of the NFL deciding to partner with FanDuel, so if you are looking for a rock-solid sportsbook that has an excellent reputation and history, then you need to look no further than FanDuel.

FanDuel California Bonus Information Banner


Sports Offerings

As mentioned before, FanDuel excels in its brand, features, and sports offerings. The amount of sports available on FanDuel to bet on is competitive with any other sportsbooks that you can find. Among the usual sports, you’ll find on sportsbooks, you can also bet on darts, motor racing, Australian rules, rugby, cricket, and MMA.

FanDuel Desktop preview

Future Bet – NFL Comeback Player of the Year 2021-22: Von Miller ()

denver broncosVon Miller suffered a season-ending ankle injury last September. This injury occurred before Miller could even get his year started, unfortunately. However, Von Miller is not a player to take lightly, and I believe he will come back with a vengeance this year. Miller has been considered one of the best defensive players in the NFL for quite a few years consecutively and I highly doubt anything will change for the 32-year old linebacker. Many Wyoming residents are big Denver Broncos fans because of their proximity, combined with the fact that Wyoming has no professional sports teams. If you can get this future bet early, pull the trigger. I doubt he will be at for long once the season starts.

Legal History

Wyoming had a slower start than some other states with the legalization of sports betting. However, once it realized the tax revenue potential, it was taken much more seriously. In addition, the arrival of an agreeable bill ensured that everyone was on the same page. While Wyoming bettors are hoping for a starting date around the NFL season launch, it is more likely to be slightly after that, as there is a lot of red tape for the state to get through.


2020: There was a failed bill that would have legalized sports betting, but it was not quite able to pass.
April 2021: Sports betting was legalized in Wyoming after the governor signed the bill HB0225.
July 2021: There is still no official start date, but hoping for sports betting to be fully operational around football season in August or September.
July 15, 2021: Applications will officially open up.

FanDuel California Bonus Information Banner

Wyoming FanDuel FAQ

Is FanDuel Legal in Wyoming?

FanDuel is not legal in Wyoming just yet. A sports betting bill was just signed into law in April of 2021 by Wyoming’s governor, so it will be a few more months before FanDuel can be legal in the state of Wyoming.

Does FanDuel have an FAQ?

Yes, FanDuel does have a detailed FAQ that should answer the most common questions amongst users. FanDuel’s FAQ page is very well laid out and provides simple navigation for users with questions as everything is sectioned categorically. For any questions that FAQs don’t answer, you will be able to utilize the live chat support.

Is FanDuel free?

FanDuel is free to download and has apps for both iOS and Android. Once you download the app and create an account, then you can deposit funds into the account. That is the only way you will be able to play through FanDuel.

Will FanDuel be legal in Wyoming before football season?

This is all purely speculation, but it may not launch before football season. However, it is expected that at some point in 2021, it will be ready to go for sports bettors in Wyoming. This all depends on how quickly Wyoming can move through the red tape.

Does FanDuel have phone support?

One of FanDuel’s only downfalls is that it does not have phone support. For this reason, some bettors with less technology expertise may opt to go with a different sportsbook. FanDuel should eventually add this but does not have phone support yet.

What are FanDuel’s contact and support options?

FanDuel offers very in-depth FAQs that should help answer almost every fundamental question and even some more complex ones. In addition, it offers email support and live chat options so you can ask representatives more difficult questions in those moments.

Is it challenging to create a FanDuel account?

It is not difficult at all to create a FanDuel account. FanDuel will want to gather basic information about you to ensure you are of legal betting age and verify your identity. Additionally, it will want to make sure you are in a legalized sports betting state.

Should I worry about security with my FanDuel account?

No. FanDuel is one of the premier online sportsbooks in America, and it does not take security lightly. The most important thing to ensure your account’s security is that you don’t give out your username, email, and password to anybody asking for it.

Does FanDuel have different banking options than other sportsbooks?

FanDuel offers a lot of similar banking options that other premier sportsbooks offer. These options include PayPal, Online banking and ACH, debit and credit cards, prepaid cards, and PlayNearMe. Every one of those options needs a $10 minimum deposit to go through.

Does FanDuel have a solid reputation in the industry?

FanDuel is consistently ranked as one of the top sportsbooks in the country with its expansive betting options and list of sports available for bettors. While reputation is subjective, FanDuel is a solid sportsbook that you can count on when deciding which sportsbook you want.

FanDuel Wyoming Promo Code Launching Soon

FanDuel Wyoming Review

Name: FanDuel Wyoming

Description: FanDuel came to existence on July 21, 2009, from founders Lesley Eccles, Nigel Eccles, Chris Stafford, Tom Griffiths, and Rob Jones. It initially came as a simple pivot from Hubdub, which was a site that predicted news. FanDuel has become quite popular amongst sports bettors in recent years, and although sports betting is only legalized in a portion of the states, it will only continue to grow. FanDuel won the “EGR North America Virtual Awards: Operator of the Year” award this year, as well.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Andrew Norton

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FanDuel is without a doubt one of the top sportsbooks available. It has a strong brand and history to trust, whether you are an experienced bettor or a new bettor. FanDuel has existed for around 12 years and has only grown in its importance and reliability. While FanDuel has growth areas, such as increasing its access to support and having slightly more competitive odds, its pros far outweigh its cons. Between its slick UI, strong brand, and a plethora of sports and sports betting options, FanDuel remains a very viable choice for your sportsbook.

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