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Florida Lottery 150x150Florida has one of the more colorful lottery logos in the U.S. It’s hard to miss the Florida’s flashy pink flamingo lottery mascot. Since it started over 25 years ago, the Florida Lottery has consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top state-run lotteries.

Annually, Florida ranks neck-in-neck with the California Lottery, both challenging ranked New York for the largest revenue-generating lottery operations. The Florida Lottery has been an innovative leader in many types of lottery games. Florida Lottery players can participate in three of the multi-jurisdictional national draw games, Cash4Life™, Powerball™, and Mega Millions™.

Like most states with lottery systems, Florida began their lottery to provide a funding source to benefit education. The Florida Lottery has surpassed the $1 billion annual revenue mark multiple times. Let’s take a deeper look at one of the nation’s most successful lotteries.

Florida Lottery Bonuses and Promotions

Since the Florida Lottery has yet to launch an online version for lottery games and ticket sales, there isn’t a welcome bonus for new accounts. There aren’t any subscription services available either.

However, the Florida Lottery does offer players a number of bonus games and promotional offers. Players can register for an online account to sign up for second-chance promotions.

By signing up for a Florida Lottery account, you can also receive email or text alerts of other special promotions offered by the Florida Lottery. The Florida Lottery also has an app you can download.

The Florida Lottery Collect ‘N Win app is available for iOS and Android devices. You are able to scan tickets for additional chances to win. This is a good way for you to boost your odds of winning on every game.

Each ticket you scam earns one symbol. When you collect four symbols, you complete one “Play Card”. This opens up an entry to one of three prize drawings, each with cash jackpots.

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The History of the Florida Lottery

FloridaFlorida voters approved a constitutional amendment in November 1986. However, it took more than a year to finalize the details of how the state-run lottery system would function. The first lottery tickets in Florida were sold in January 1988.

Millionaire was the first game offered by the Florida Lottery. It was a scratch-off type game that paid a $1 million annuity to a jackpot winner. There were more than $95 million worth of ticket sales for the first game in the first 12 days.

Within 17 days, the Florida Lottery Commission had repaid the $15 million bond from the Florida General Revenue Fund. It was clear that the Florida Lottery was going to prove financially successful.

The Florida Lottery ranked third in the nation in 2012, with over $4.5 billion in lottery generated revenue. In 2013, Florida surpassed $5 billion in lottery revenue. The Florida Lotto drawing held its 500th draw date in November 1996.

By the Florida Lottery’s 10th anniversary in 1998, there had been more than $8 billion funneled into the state’s education fund. The Florida Lottery joined the Powerball™ national drawing in 1999.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, the Florida Lottery logo was redesigned and the lottery commission began a branding campaign using social media. The Florida Lottery introduced the concept of higher price points.

They have added various prize boosts to traditional lottery games, plus experienced success with seasonal games because of the wave of tourism. Powerball™ was added to the Florida Lottery draw games for the first January draw in 2009.

The Florida Lottery also participates in the Mega Millions™ and became part of the multi-jurisdictional Cash4Life draw game in February 2017. Currently, the Florida Lottery offers 10 terminal-based draw games.

Through the years, instant games have changed to meet the demand of the changing Florida demographic. Here are some popular games available for Florida Lottery players. Many of these games will become instant favorites when the Florida Lottery goes online.

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Florida Lottery Games and Prizes

The in-state draw game, the Florida Lotto, has been widely viewed as one of the most successful in-state draw games in the U.S. Millions of tickets are sold for each drawing. It is the most lucrative contributor to Florida’s education fund.

Another popular game offered by the Florida Lottery is the Monopoly scratch-off. There are more than 29 million winning tickets, plus prize jackpots from $10,000 to $2 million. Even if your Monopoly tickets aren’t winners, you can enter the special second-chance promotion.

The Florida Lottery has dozens of other scratch-off-type games. Ticket prices range from as low as $1 to $30. One of the $10 ticket games that are a lottery player favorite is the Gold Rush Classic. This game has 10 separate $2,000,000 top prize jackpots available.

Another extremely popular Florida Lottery game is the $3 Power Play Cashword. You scratch off letters on a crossword-designed game card. When you match two or more words, your ticket is a winner.

There are 15 top prizes for Power Play Cashword, each worth $150,000 to a single winner. There are three “Fast Play” games currently available at Florida Lottery retailers. Each has favorable odds of winning some type of prize.

Ticket prices range from the $1 Win-It-All to the $5 “7-11-21” tickets. The top prize for the 7-11-21 scratch-off game is $50,000. While the $3,000 top prize for Win-It-All is only $3,000, however, there is a strong chance of winning other cash prizes.

These are a few of the more popular games offered by the Florida Lottery. Most are excited at the trending possibility of many of these games eventually being offered online. Currently, you have more than 13,000 places to buy Florida Lottery tickets, plus you can check your winners using the free Florida Lottery app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Florida Lottery games and ticket sales available online?

No, tickets for Florida Lottery games are only available at authorized retailers. The Florida Lottery currently has over 13,000 retailer locations across the state. There have been discussions to propose legislation amending the Florida Lottery regulations to allow online lottery games in the future.

Do you have to pay taxes on lottery winnings in Florida?

While Florida does not have a personal income tax law, lottery winnings are still subject to taxes. The Florida Lottery will withhold 24 percent of all lottery winnings over $5,000 for federal taxes. Monies owed to state agencies or for child support can also be withdrawn from lottery winnings.

How do you claim prizes won playing the Florida Lottery?

Prize amounts under $600 can be claimed at any Florida Lottery retailer. Prizes ranging from $600 to $250,000 can be mailed or submitted at any Florida Lottery District Office. Prizes over $250,000 can be mailed or submitted at the secure drop box at the Florida Lottery Headquarters.

Do you have to have a Florida Lottery account to register for second chance drawings?

Yes, but you can enter multiple non-winning tickets. You only need to wait one-hour between second chance entries. To be part of a second chance drawing, enter the first 13 digits of the ticket voucher number. Only eligible non-winning tickets can be used for second chance drawings.

How old do you have to be to play Florida Lottery games?

Florida is committed to preventing underage gambling. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase or to play Florida Lottery games. State law prohibits purchasing Florida Lottery tickets for anyone under the age of 18, or allowing them to play purchased Florida Lottery tickets.

What draw games are available with the Florida Lottery?

There are several draw games available. You can play Powerball, Mega Millions, Florida Lotto, Cash4Life, Jackpot Triple Play, Fantasy 5, and Pick 5, 4, 3, and 2. All of these games are available at retailers throughout the state right now.

What are the most expensive scratchers available with the Florida Lottery?

The most expensive scratcher available in Florida is a $30 scratcher. The winning ticket for these scratchers is $1,000,000; however, there are prizes for $100,000, $20,000, $10,000, and much more with the “Fastest Road to $1,000,000” scratcher game.

Does the Florida Lottery have a mobile application?

Yes; however, the Florida Lottery has very few functions online. Currently, you cannot play online or even purchase tickets online. It is unclear if a mobile app will add more functions in the future. You can get the app on the Apple App Store today.

Can I withdraw my winnings from the Florida Lottery online?

No, currently in Florida, there really is not much available online except for checking the draw numbers. You cannot claim your winnings online and then cash out online, like in other states. You have to visit a retailer, local office to claim your prizes or get your prize mailed.

Are the Mega Millions and Powerball restricted to only Florida?

No, both the Mega Millions and Powerball are national contests. This means that there are winners from other states besides Florida. There is no guarantee that a winning ticket will come out of Florida when playing the Mega Millions and Powerball.

Florida Lottery App Reivew
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Name: Florida Lottery App Reivew

Description: The Florida Lottery App has a wide range of uses. However, you cannot buy lottery tickets nor play lottery games with it. Florida has a strict policy regarding online lottery games. The app is run and supported by the Florida Lottery itself.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Matthew Amato

  • User Interface
  • Speed
  • Ease of Use
  • Support


The Florida Lottery App does everything that it can do very well. You can check your lottery numbers and winnings very easily using the app. You can also find out where to buy Florida Lottery tickets and games using the application. The Support could be better on the app and easier to use. The app would become much more useful if tickets become available to purchase online.

Well Done

  • Check your Lotto Winnings
  • Check for Lotto Drawings
  • Find Support
  • Find local stores with Lottery

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  • Cannot buy Lotto tickets
  • Cannot play Lottery games or scratchers
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