Fubo Sports Network Premieres New Football Betting Show

Sports betting media has quickly gone from the underground to the mainstream. You can turn on ESPN to see sports wagering talks and entire sports betting shows. Even focused channels like NHL Network will flash moneyline numbers from Caesars Sportsbook while discussing upcoming matchups. And a quick search on your favorite podcast app will bring up tons of different results for sports wagering talk. Well, one network has just launched a new show that’s primarily focused on sports wagering, and it’s bringing together some big personalities. Here’s what you need to know about the new vodcast from FuboTV.

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The Gaming Society Football Show Premieres on Fubo Sports Network

FuboTV just unveiled a new sports betting show. Thanks to a new agreement, The Gaming Society Football Show vodcast just made its debut on Fubo Sports Network. The show is hosted by former NFL players Michael Vick and Dave Anderson. The show will air every week throughout the NFL season, focusing on sports from a wagering perspective. In a unique detail, the show also features big names from the sports world such as Paul Pierce, Ray Lewis, Chelsea Gray, and Kevin Garnett, who are all in a fantasy football league together. According to Yahoo! Finance, additional guests such as Gilbert Arenas and Terrell Owens will also make appearances on the show. With plenty of talented individuals involved, The Gaming Society Football Show should catch the eye of sports bettors.

What is The Gaming Society?

The Gaming Society Football Show is produced by the larger company The Gaming Society, which focuses on content creation and gamification. The Gaming Society was originally founded by NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett, with an overall aim of making the often-daunting landscape of sports betting more approachable to newcomers. The Gaming Society website features The Betting Academy, which teaches the basics of wagering on sports such as odds, spreads, and parlays. The website also features the Bet on Women section, with content combining women’s sports with the current landscape of sports betting.

In addition to the exclusive content on Fubo Sports Network, The Gaming Society also releases content on its official YouTube channel. These videos include everything from a discussion with Liberty QB Malik Willis to NFL and WNBA previews and beyond.

Fubo Is Looking To Shake Up The World of Sportsbooks

If you thought the competition for top sportsbooks was crowded, another big player is about to enter the fray, and it might cause some big waves. FuboTV isn’t just broadcasting sports betting shows, the channel has also launched its own sports betting platform. Fubo Sportsbook is in the middle of a big rollout, where it will compete with everything from DraftKings to FanDuel. What’s looking to make Fubo Sportsbook stand out in comparison to the other sportsbooks is the possibility to pair up the app with live FuboTV sports, making it a unique wagering experience. Fubo Sportsbook has even partnered up with the suddenly high-flying Cleveland Cavaliers. The sportsbook has already launched in Iowa, with planned expansions to Arizona, New Jersey, Indiana, and Pennsylvania in the future.

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