Gambling Resources

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1. Gambling Safety

National Council on Problem Gambling (

The NCP is a national organization that provides online resources for help and has multiple campuses spread out across the USA. On their website you can find the warning signs of a problem gambler and what constitutes one as being labeled a problem gambler. With locations, online tools, and a national hotline this is one of the best resources available.

Gam-Anon International Service (

This source provides much of the same as the NCP but offers a “12 step self-help fellowship” for those affected by problem/compulsive gambling. They also provide help to loved ones who don’t know that they have a problem but it is affecting those around them. They are not a counseling agency and do not require you to pay any fees to seek their help.

Gambler’s Anonymous (

Here you can find GA meetings all around the country so you can actively seek help if you are having problems with compulsive gaming.

Gambling Problem Hotline NJ (

This is a hotline where you can call a hotline, or even text, to talk to someone directly about whatever issue you may be having. They also provide a list of 20 questions where you can figure out if you have a problem.

DGE Self-Exclusion (

Here you can fill out a form that will not let you participate in any gambling at a legal online casino. The table below shows all that can be done to your online NJ accounts.

Options Description
Account Cool-Off This can allow you to lock yourself out of your own account giving you a chance to think before continuing
Deposit Limits Limits the amount of money you can deposit into your account in a set period of time
Wager Limits This allows you to set a limit on what you can wager so you don't bet too much
Session Time Limits Will lock you out once you have reached a previously set time limit
Loss Limits This setting can lock your account if you lose a certain amount in a set period of time
Self-Exclusion This will bar you from playing at any legal online casino for a period of 1-5 years

2. Gambling Education

Guide to Gambling in Las Vegas (

This is you one stop shop for everything table games. offers guides to about every game available at casinos. They also offer strategies for each game so you know what you are doing from the moment you step up to the table.

How to Bet on Sports (

Sports book review offers you everything you need to know about sports betting. They give you all the information about moneyline, spread, o/u, and teasers. They offer the basics as well as intermediate guides so you know what you are doing. The cool thing about his source is that they give you tips that go beyond the basics with line shopping tips and bankroll management.

Casino Games for Dummies(

Casino games for dummies is much like the source but they give you the games with the best odds and they even allow you to learn how some machines work like Jacks or Better video poker. This site pretty much tells you what you should be doing and what the house edges are for each game.

3. Government Resources

State Resource
Alabama N/A
Alaska Alaska Charitable Gaming
Arizona Arizona Department of Gaming
Arkansas Arkansas Electronic Game of Skill
California California Gambling Control Commission
Colorado Colorado Divison of Gaming
Connecticut Connecticut Gaming Division
Delaware Delaware Divison of Gaming Enforcement
Florida Florida Gaming Statues
Georgia Commercial Gambling Unit
Hawaii N/A
Idaho Idaho Racing
Illinois Illinois Gaming Board
Indiana Indiana Gaming Commission
Iowa Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
Kansas Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission
Kentucky Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming
Louisiana Louisiana Gaming Control Board
Maine Gambling Control Unit
Maryland Maryland Gaming Resources
Massachusetts Massachusetts Gaming Commission
Michigan Michigan Gaming Control Board
Minnesota Minnesota Gambling Control Board
Mississippi Mississippi Gaming Commission
Missouri Missouri Gaming Commission
Montana Montana Gambling Control Division
Nebraska Nebraska Gaming Commission
Nevada Nevada Gaming Control Board
New Hampshire NH Racing and Charitable Gaming Division
New Jersey New Jersey Casino Control Commission
New Mexico New Mexico Gaming Control Board
New York New York Gaming Commission
North Carolina North Carolina Education Lottery
North Dakota North Dakota Gaming
Ohio Ohio Casino Control Commission
Oklahoma Oklahoma Gaming Compliance Unit
Oregon Oregon Gaming Division
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
Rhode Island Rhode Island Gaming and Athletics
South Carolina South Carolina Education Lottery
South Dakota South Dakota Commission on Gaming
Tennessee Tennessee Charitable Gaming
Texas Texas Racing Commission
Utah Utah Gambling
Vermont Vermont Racing Commission
Virginia Virginia Charitable Gaming
Washington Washington State Gambling Commission
West Virginia West Virginia Racing Commission
Wisconsin Wisconsin Division of Gaming
Wyoming Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission

4. Gambling Webmasters

The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association allows for members to collaborate with others in the industry. It makes it easier to gain positive relationships that help the gambling industry as a whole.

The Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters is an organization that helps make sure that everyone is playing by the rules. They can provide audits to make sure you are getting a fair shot on your favorite sites.

5. Legal and Legislative Documents

State Document
Alabama Alabama Proposed Gambling Bill
Alaska AS 11.66.200 Gambling
Arizona Arizona 13-3301 Gaming
Arkansas Arkansas Proposed Casino Amendment
California California Penal Code 330
Colorado House Bill 18-1234
Connecticut Connecticut Bill 540
Delaware Delaware Title 28
Florida Florida House Bill 149
Georgia N/A
Hawaii HB 766
Idaho N/A
Illinois Illinois House Bill 5186
Indiana Indiana Act 339
Iowa Iowa Bill 1165
Kansas Kansas 21-6403 Gambling
Kentucky N/A
Louisiana House Bill 553
Maine Maine S.P. 409
Maryland Maryland House Bill 1014
Massachusetts Massachusetts SD 618
Michigan Michigan house Bill 4926
Minnesota N/A
Mississippi Mississippi House Bill 1113
Missouri Missouri House Bill 2535
Montana Montana 23-5-112
Nebraska Proposed Casino Bill
Nevada Nevanda 2015-99 DFS
New Hampshire New Hampshire House Bill 562-FN
New Jersey New Jersey vs NCAA
New Mexico New Mexico 30-19-1 Gambling
New York New York SB-S3898
North Carolina North Carolina Article 37
North Dakota North Dakota Chapter 12.1-28 Gambling
Ohio Ohio Chapter 2915: Gambling
Oklahoma Oklahoma Bill 3375
Oregon Brandon Peck vs DraftKings
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania House Bill 271
Rhode Island Rhode Island DFS
South Carolina South Carolina Title 16
South Dakota South Dakota 23-5-11
Tennessee Tennessee 39-17-501 Gambling
Texas Texas KP-0057
Utah Utah 76-10-1101
Vermont Vermont Title 13 Gambling and Lotteries
Virginia SB 90
Washington Washington House Bill 1114
West Virginia West Virginia Senate Bill 415
Wisconsin Wisconsin 945.01
Wyoming N/A
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