Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Odds 2022

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Odds 2022

The Green Bay Packers have been known as one of the highest-performing franchises in NFL history. They’ve been to ten Super Bowls, leaving with seven titles. The Packers have made it to the postseason eight times in the past ten years, making it to the Divisional Round seven times. As they enter into their first game of the 2021 NFL playoffs, they have an exciting road ahead to see if they can bring the Lombardi trophy back to Green Bay for the eighth time.

Green Bay Packers Team Futures Odds

Packers Super Bowl Odds:
To Win NFC:

Divisional Round: San Francisco 49ers

Since the Green Bay Packers were able to elude the first round of playoffs with their NFC top seed, they begin their first game in the Divisional Round. They will be taking in the San Francisco 49ers after a crushing win against the Dallas Cowboys. The two teams have already met within the past season during Week 3, resulting in a marginal Packers’ win of 30-28, which is closer than many experts were expecting. This matchup will be contingent upon the battle of the duos between Aaron Rogers and Davante Adams and Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel. Both connections are contenders for best in the league that come in with over 1,400 yards in the regular season. However, the Packers have a few advantages over the 49ers that stem from outside of their play. The game will be taking place at night at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where the Packers have been the only team to go undefeated all regular season. The home-field advantage is unmatched in Green Bay, where the fans are loud, and the weather is unforgiving. Jimmy Garoppolo has yet to start in a playoff game where the weather is in freezing conditions, but he’s about to learn what it takes to beat the Packers at home. With the record and determination we’ve seen from the Packers this season, along with the external elements of the game, the Packers have a solid chance of running away with this game and advancing onto the NFC Championship.

NFC Championship: Winner of Los Angeles Rams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As much as everyone is excited to watch the Packers take on the 49ers this weekend, the big excitement is going to come from the Rams and Bucs game. These two teams have some of the best offensive weapons and defensive threats out of any NFL team in the league. The winner of that matchup will surely be a huge contender for the Lombardi trophy. If the Packers can sweep past the 49ers, their hands will be full with either team from this matchup. They’ve already played the Rams in the regular season and took a victory of 36-28, but have not seen the Buccaneers since the Conference Championship of 2020, where the Bucs went on to win the Super Bowl. Aaron Rogers has had the profound ability to keep his cool in situations of stress and pressure. He has a great offensive line that has protected him more than most quarterbacks in the league. Potentially going up against some of the best sacking teams in the league may be intimidating for most, but the veteran Aaron Rogers trusts his team and knows to keep his composure while working within the pocket. All three teams have the potential to be Super Bowl Champions this year, so whoever emerges victorious in the NFC Championship will be my pick for the Super Bowl winner. Currently, the Packers are the favored team to win the Lombardi trophy with +350 odds, but anything can happen in the NFL playoffs. If the Packers can pull off wins against the 49ers and the Bucs/Rams, they can easily take home the trophy and add it to their collection.

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