Houston Bettor Eyes $35.6 Million Win on Astros Bets

Caesars Logo Icon 150x150The World Series officially starts tonight, and it’s going to be an exciting matchup. In the American League, the Houston Astros are making a return to the championship series after a win in 2017 and a narrow loss in 2019. That 2017 win, of course, is still mired in controversy after all these years given the cheating investigation and subsequent punishments. On the other side is the Atlanta Braves, who just beat the Los Angeles Dodgers to make their first World Series since 1999. The Braves won it all most recently in 1995 in a 4-2 World Series win over Cleveland. Bettors are excited to start wagering on this exciting series, but one person, in particular, is rooting for a Houston Astros win. Here’s how one Houston sports bettor looks to rake in millions if the Astros hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy.

Bettor Mattress Mack Nets $35.6 million if Houston Wins it All

If you think you went a little heavy on your last World Series bet, you might want to think again. Jim McIngvale, also known as “Mattress Mack,” is more than just a Houston-area furniture businessman. He’s also an extremely confident sports bettor. McIngvale has wagered a total of $3.35 million on the Houston Astros to win, with a potential profit of $38.9 million. You’d think now would be the ideal time for him to hedge his bets then, right? Well…

Mattress Mack Refuses to Cash Out or Hedge His Bets

You’ve got to appreciate the confidence of Mattress Mack. He stands to enjoy a big payday, and he’s sticking to his guns. The bettor is deciding not to hedge his bets at the moment, going all-in on Houston to take down the Braves. He’s not cashing out either, even with a major potential profit. His $1 million wager on FanDuel can be cashed in right now for $5.5 million, but he’s not interested. The potential $22 million that McIngvale stands to win on Caesars is by far his biggest potential profit, as well as a historic win. All the sportsbooks he’s wagered through have confirmed his wagers and potential winnings.

There’s More to This Story

Although it seems like he’s looking for a major payday, Mattress Mack is technically hedging his own bet with his million-dollar wagers. McIngvale’s Gallery Furniture stores ran a special promotion in which anyone that bought a $3,000-plus mattress would get a full refund if the Houston Astros win the World Series. It’s a good thing he’s staying with the Astros as well, as if they win he would have to refund over $20 million due to the promo. The promo resulted in $5.9 million in mattress sales last weekend alone for Gallery Furniture.

The Astros are currently favored to beat the Atlanta Braves in the 2021 World Series, which is great news for Mattress Mack’s bets. The team is looking at -150 odds at FanDuel right now, but it’s safe to say that McIngvale got a better number than that when he placed his initial wagers.

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