Houston Texans Super Bowl Odds 2023

The current Super Bowl Odds for the Houston Texans are . For the second year in a row, the Houston Texans find themselves in last place, standing for early Super Bowl odds. The Houston Texans Super Bowl Odds stand at +20000 for the 2022 season, which only differs slightly from their +17500 odds last year. This team has struggled to find stability in a quarterback and any skilled player, so their play remains very weak in a very competitive league. After losing their QB, Dashaun Watson, in 2019, they have failed to see another winning season. The 2022 season is shaping up to be another rebuilding year for the Texans, and playoffs are a far distance away for this team.

Houston Texans Super Bowl Odds & Futures 2022-2023

Heading into the 2022-2023 season, the Texans are once again on a short list for teams in the running for the number 1 overall pick and their season odds reflect this. There are some signs of optimism, however. Most notably, their acquisitions in the draft and expected improvement from Davis Mills at the QB position.

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Houston Texans Super Bowl Odds Analysis

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The Houston Texans are the youngest team in the NFL, only becoming a franchise in 1999 after the original Houston team moved to Tennessee to become the Titans. The Texans have a team that is not very structured with incredible skill. This team has been trying to find a suitable and stable quarterback over the past two seasons and has not had much success. At the moment, they have Davis Mills in the starting position after he threw for 2,664 yards with a QBR of 35.5 last season. Mills was out for injury on and off throughout the season, so Tyrod Taylor took over the team without having much more success. Mills was the Texans’ third-round draft pick in the 2021 draft, so it is up for debate if the management of this team will want to draft another quarterback back-to-back. They have picked up Kyle Allen and Jeff Driskel to be the backup quarterbacks on this team, but the lack of recent experience and success of all QBs leave this team vulnerable.

On the receiver front, their best weapon is Brandin Cooks, who put up 1,037 yards last season. Cooks was also in and out of the IR roster last season and may be viewed as a fragile player for this team. The other starting receivers consist of Nico Collins and Chris Conley, who have been very low-profile players. The Texans may want to use some of their draft pick options to build this receiver’s lineup so the pass option can be much stronger compared to last year. There needs to be a stronger offense if this team wants to get their first winning season since Dashaun Watson became unavailable.

The Texans have eleven draft picks in total, including five in the top 80. This team will need to choose their players wisely, as they need more dependable players to build this team. Almost every position on this team needs to be revamped, so this season will most likely be another flop.


Reasons Why the Houston Texans Can and Can’t Win the Super Bowl


  • Davis Mills flashed signs of optimism in year 1 and will liely continue to improve
  • Brandin Cooks remains a top receiver in the league


  • Weak offensive line
  • Bad pass rush
  • Poor pass catching unit outside of Cooks
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