Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl Odds 2022

Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl Odds

The Jacksonville Jaguars are going into the 2021 NFL Season with a completely new team. First of all, the coaching staff has had a complete makeover with the team hiring Urban Meyer. Jacksonville was also able to secure the generational QB prospect, Trevor Lawrence, with the first overall pick in the draft. This team is remarkably different, and you cannot look at the Jaguars through the same lens that you did last year. The team is built to win some football games, and the Jaguars are not that far off from competing for a playoff spot.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Changes

jacksonville jaguarsThere is a laundry list of changes that the Jaguars went through this offseason, but let us start with the coaching staff. The team hired Urban Meyer to be the Head Coach. While Meyer has seen some incredible success in collegiate football, he has never coached in the NFL. This leaves a huge question for bettors, experts, and fans about how Meyer will approach the professional level of football. Meyer hired Darrell Bevell to be the Offensive Coordinator, former Lions, and Seahawks Offensive Coordinator. This was a solid hire that seems to fit the identity of the team rather well. Lastly, Joe Cullen was hired as the Defensive Coordinator. Cullen has been a defensive line coach for over 15 years and most recently coached the elite group over in Baltimore.

The next big change is Trevor Lawrence. It is hard to understand how highly rated Lawrence is. Only Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and John Elway can compare in draft hype. On top of this, Lawrence has been this highly rated since his junior year in high school. Lawrence is expected to be an elite franchise quarterback, and he is supposed to be special from day one.

The Jaguars also added a ton of great talent in the draft, including Lawrence’s former teammate and running back, Travis Etienne. The Jags then went on to draft some of my favorite players in this year’s class like Walker Little, an offensive tackle out of Stanford, and Andre Cisco, a safety out of Syracuse.

The marquee signings of the offseason were Shaquill Griffin at cornerback and Marvin Jones at wide receiver. Both were interesting spots to spend a lot of cash on, as the team has impressive young players at corner and receiver. Regardless, the Jaguars now carry a ton of depth at both positions as they look to compete in a changing NFL, where passing the football is vital to success.

Jaguars Odds Analysis

The Jacksonville Jaguars could offer some sneaky value to bettors this year. While they are clearly behind the Colts and Titans in the AFC South, the talent level is really not that far off. I believe that the Jaguars actually offer some value on their playoff and AFC South title odds. Trevor Lawrence may be the best quarterback in this division from day one.

With the injury issues and the uncertainty of Carson Wentz, the Colts could end up being a disappointment this year. Then you have both the Texans being a joke of a franchise and the Titans still having a ton of question marks on their defense. The division could unexpectedly open up for the Jaguars’ taking, just one year into Urban Meyer’s tenure.

When it comes to Super Bowl odds, this is obviously a long shot. There is little chance that the Jaguars not only make the playoffs but then take out teams like the Bills, Browns, and Chiefs to even reach a Super Bowl game. The odds are long, but they still may not be offering a value to bettors.

Reasons Why the Jacksonville Jaguars Win the Super Bowl

The two reasons that could explain how the Jaguars could win a Super Bowl surround the coaching and the quarterback. First, looking at Meyer, we simply do not know how he will perform in the NFL. Many expect it not to go well, but there is a possibility that he thrives and offers McVay-like success to the Jaguars this season. If Meyer turns out to be an elite coach at the professional level, then the Jaguars can figure out how to win games, even when up against very tough competition.

Next, we have to acknowledge that Lawrence is supposed to come into the league as a superstar. When you have a top-5 quarterback, it makes it much easier to succeed and succeed in the playoffs. Lawrence has the talent and ability to be the best quarterback in the league, so if Lawrence lives up to the hype and exceeds expectations, then the Jaguars can compete with anyone.

Reasons Why the Jacksonville Jaguars Don’t Win the Super Bowl

If you take a pessimistic outlook to the two unknowns that are in play for reasons why the Jaguars could win the Super Bowl, then you can easily see why someone would believe that they have zero chance at competing. First, Meyer could be an absolutely terrible coach that simply cannot win games in the NFL. Then, your superstar quarterback is still a rookie. It is so hard to rely on such a young leader to take you to the promised land. Lawrence simply may not be mature enough to win a Super Bowl.

However, besides these points, the biggest issue is the defense. The Jaguars have solid players all-around; however, the team needs to get more pressure on the quarterback if they are going to win games. Josh Allen and K’Lavon Chaisson need to take a huge step up. At the moment, I do not believe that there is enough talent on this team to handle explosive offenses like the Chiefs and Bills. If you cannot beat these teams, you cannot win a Super Bowl. It is really that simple.

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