Jets and Ravens Team with Sportradar

new york jetsSportradar has had an interesting run with the National Football League so far in 2021, but things are headed in a positive direction this week. On Thursday, it was announced that Sportradar has reached deals with both the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens.

According to the report, Sportradar notes that this is the first time such a deal has been reached as both teams are seeking out a tech company to help create more exposure. The National Football League is already the most popular sport in the US, but it continues to add new fans.

Sportradar is headquartered in Switzerland, but it is a name that is familiar in the United States and in the NFL. Along with helping both teams market themselves, the company will also be finding a way to help get them into the sports betting scene.

More details surrounding these partnerships will continue to be announced leading up to the 2021 season, but Sportradar will use its data to help create new advertising campaigns. This should create new opportunities and excitement for fans of both teams, especially those that also bet on sports.

Both New York and Baltimore will soon be playing home games in states with online sports betting options, and the NFL has allowed its teams to seek out ways to profit on the industry.

Genius Sports Pushes Sportradar Out

Sportradar used to be the exclusive data provider of the NFL, but the company lost that deal earlier this year. That was a massive blow to the company, but inking deals with two of the most popular teams will help soften the blow.

Genius Sports was able to take over the role previously held by Sportradar, and that responsibility is going to increase in the coming years. In-play betting is now one of the most popular forms, and the NFL relies on accurate and real-time data to provide to sportsbooks.

Fans Are Big Winners

baltimore ravensOne of the top reasons for signing a deal with Sportradar is that the company has built up relationships throughout the US sports betting industry. This will help both the Ravens and Jets break into sports betting, and the will do so with the backing of a top tech company.

Sportradar will be able to tap into the official team data for the Jets and Ravens and can then share that out to its sportsbook partners throughout the US. Fans will be assured that the information they are getting is accurate and the best in the business.

Data Becoming Essential

The rise of online sports betting in the US happened quickly, and it has forced sportsbooks to improve their technology and data to keep up. Sports bettors want the information as quickly as possible, and that is where a company like Sportradar comes in.

Some states also have laws in place that require the use of official league data and information if offering in-play or live betting. Most sportsbooks already have deals in place, but Sportradar is one of the top companies that provides this information.

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