Juice Reel: Tracking Wagers & Using AI to Win Bets

Keeping track of wins and losses across different sportsbook apps can be a laborious task for experienced and casual bettors alike. To remedy this problem, Tech Consultant-turned-entrepreneur Ricky Gold founded Juice Reel — a sports betting analytics tool available as a mobile app. The app, available on both iOS and Android devices, will automatically keep track of ones wins and losses across different platforms, while also supplying users with AI-generated best bets.

Bet Smarter With Juice Reel

The technology behind Juice Reel allows individuals to sync with over 300 different sportsbooks to generate a user’s betting history. Additionally, bettors can see not just the types of sports, but individual teams that have won or lost them the largest amounts.

LINEUPS.com spoke with Juice Reel Founder & CEO Ricky Gold about the app’s implementation of artificial intelligence, how the platform can benefit the soon-to-launch Kentucky sports betting industry, and how responsible gaming ties into data-focused betting.

What First-Time Juice Reel Users Should Expect

Ricky Gold: Juice Reel is a sports betting tool that is built for both new bettors and professional bettors. Every feature was designed to give you helpful information, enhance your betting experience, streamline your betting decision-making, and give you access to tools that set you up with the best chance for success.

Juice Reel is a comprehensive suite of tools, not just one feature. One feature that makes a lot of our offerings possible is allow users to automatically sync their betting accounts from numerous sportsbook platforms such that their betting history automatically loads into our app.

With your betting data, combined with our pool of community data that all of our users synced in, we offer everyone valuable insights you cant get anywhere else.

Juice Reel’s Community and AI-Generated Picks

Ricky Gold: Even though the goal is the same – help our users find winning bets – access to both AI-generated betting picks and picks from top performers are important because it gives our users two different avenues to find winners. Unlocking top performing bettors’ picks is a way to copy proven historical winners, while our bot picks is a new mechanism that we are watching play out (successfully) in real-time.

Some users may prefer the data-driven approach of AI-generated picks, while others may trust the expertise of successful bettors. By providing both options, Juice Reel ensures that users can choose the betting advice that aligns with their preferences and strategies.

Juice Reel Betting Tools

Free vs. Paid Content

Ricky Gold: Our goal around pricing was to ensure that our completely free offering remained extremely valuable and useful to both beginner bettors and pros. We also wanted to ensure that anything payment-oriented didn’t price out low-stake bettors. The core of the platform is free, and everyone who downloads starts with complete access to everything for 10 days (without ever putting in a credit card).

Earlier we talked about users being able to unlock other high-performing bettors’ picks (real bets, that they have their real money on and synced in from their sportsbook). Users can spend our app currency/points known as “Juice” to unlock those picks, and the seller will receive a commission in Juice for sharing their bet.

The currency can be earned by utilizing the app, rewarded for sharing advice to other users, or bought with dollars. There is also an optional $9 per month subscription that gives you access to Chip_Bayless.ai and our other betting bots, along with some additional insights.

How Kentucky Sports Bettors Will Embrace Juice Reel

Ricky Gold: A tool like ours is more of a “why wouldn’t you be using it” than something that needs convincing. It is free and genuinely helpful.

While we already have a ton of Kentucky users, I am sure with large-scale legalization that the population of Kentucky sports bettors will grow, and in turn such bettors will naturally seek a useful tool like ours.

Juice Reel Data

Juice Reel As A Responsible Gaming Tool

Ricky Gold: Think about what it means to gamble responsibly — A prerequisite to gamble responsibly is to understand how much you’re gambling, what you’re gambling on, and how its going for you. Understanding and visualizing your performance is a foundational pillar for a person to play responsibly, and that is exactly what we offer and we offer it in an automated, streamlined, and cost-free way.

We are also one of the few, if not the only, tool on the market designed to reduce offshore/illegal betting, as we actively engage with players who play offshore and tailor our features and business model to drive these players to play with regulated operators.

I’m proud to say that Juice Reel not only helps reduce offshore betting, but also that our features are at the core of what it means to gamble responsibly.

The Most Helpful Aspect Of Juice Reel

Ricky Gold: Many users’ favorite features are the bot picks from RoBo_Jackson.ai (and for good reason, quite the winning run the bots have strung together). My personal favorite two features are our SharpMush metrics and our Live Value feature. We invented a metric that we call SharpMush which measures the difference between the bets made by the best-performing (“Sharps”) and worst-performing (“Mush”) bettors in a particular game.

This insight helps you identify winners to follow and losers to avoid, at scale. Using a Hawks-Lakers game with 1,000 people betting on it as an example, if the best-performing bettors all took the Hawks and the worst-performing bettors all took the Lakers, the SharpMush Strength would be 100%, indicating a strong difference in activity.

Conversely, if the best-performing and worst-performing bettors had similar betting patterns, the SharpMush Strength would be low or even 0%, indicating little difference in activity. More than just following what winners do, the value of SharpMush Strength lies in its ability to help you take the same side as winning bettors while also betting on the opposite side of bettors that tend to lose.

Our Live value feature shows you how your bets are doing as the game plays out – so all Sunday long you can watch your bets fluctuate in value with every play, similar to how you can watch a stock bounce up and down during market hours. Everyone comes to our app for different reasons and there’s one thing in common – they come to use data and analytics to enhance their betting performance and betting experience.

Anthony Elio is the Lead Writer for LINEUPS.com, focusing on sports betting, online casino gaming, and horse racing. He covers state betting handles, sportsbook partnerships, operator news, horse racing, and NHL picks. Outside of his work with LINEUPS, Elio has also written for Daily Fantasy Cafe, Innovation & Tech Today, Krazy Coupon Lady, and Residential Tech Today.

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