Kansas Enters the Sports Betting Bill Sweepstakes

Sports betting legalization is turning into a carnival game for states. The game’s goal is to get a bill passed and launch the new industry in the state. However, playing the game is a bit more difficult at times. First, a state lawmaker needs to introduce a bill that the state can agree on and be passed in a timely fashion. Everyone wants to win the prize, but sometimes it takes a few turns to get it done.

Kansas is the next state up to attempt to win sports betting in the state. Last week, the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee filed a bill in Kansas’s third attempt to legalize sports betting. Kansas could be feeling the heat as Missouri has filed multiple sports betting bills in the state, along with Nebraska expanding casino gaming up north.

SB 84 is a detailed 39 pages that explain a lot of what the industry could look like in the Sunflower State.

Details of Kansas Betting Bill

If Kansas can pass SB 84, it would have up to 12 sports betting operators to enter the state with the Kansas Lottery Corporation overseeing the industry.

Kansas has four commercial casinos, which would be allowed to have three online betting operators and retail operators at its location. Tribal casinos would also be allowed to have sports betting at their facilities. The Kansas City Motorspeedway would also be allowed to have an online operator at the track.

Sports betting would be taxed at 7.5% and 10% for online sportsbooks. College and professional sports would be allowed to be wagered on, including Kansas college sports teams. However, there will be limits on what bets someone could make on those games. The state is not requiring any payments for official league data.

Bettors will have to be 21 years or older to bet, and there is no language on how registration will work in the state. Some require in-person wagering, while others can create sports betting accounts online. The bill states this process must be finished by Halloween 2021.

Could the Bill Pass?

Kansas 1

This is the third sports betting bill that has been brought to Kansas lawmakers. SB 84 is similar to the 2020 bill that was brought up. Why does this bill have a better chance of passing than in years past?

First, even as Kansas lawmakers continue to deal with Covid-19 issues, it is not the only priority in the state. Kansas is set to suffer a budget deficit due to the pandemic, and sports betting has been a reliable way for states to bring in revenue.

Covid was the main reason why the 2020 Kansas sports betting bill failed last year. When the pandemic broke out, the state scrambled to take care of the issue over anything else. With a better grip on what’s going on, Kansas can begin to resume normal sessions, giving sports betting a great chance to move forward this year.

Also, Kansas could be feeling the pressure from neighboring states as others begin to jump into sports betting. Colorado has seen an explosion in the sports betting industry in its first year, while Missouri also files a sports betting bill, and Nebraska could play as well in 2021.

The Sunflower State does not want to get behind other states and potentially lose revenue. 2021 is the best chance for SB 84 to pass and bring sports betting to America’s heartland.

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