Kansas Looking at 2022 for Sports Betting; Bally’s Getting Jump Start

Kansas 1Kansas is one of the states that still has not been able to pass a bill that legalizes sports betting. The state is expected to make another attempt in 2022, and one of the biggest operators will help make that a reality.

Bally’s Corporation announced that it has agreed to a new multi-year partnership with the Boot Hill Casino and Resort in Dodge City. If and when sports betting is available in Kansas, Bally’s will launch its BallyBet mobile app.

There are still plenty of things that need to happen before Kansas gets to this point, but Bally’s will have a jump on the rest of the competition. There is also a chance that Kansas could legalize betting but not allow for mobile betting.

Bally’s is already in 13 states throughout the US, and there is a chance that number could grow by the end of 2021. The BallyBet was first rolled out in the state of Colorado through a beta test, but it will have a full launch in the coming months.

2021 Attempt Fails

It looked as if Kansas was on the right path to approving sports betting in 2021, and a bill was progressing through the legislature. Senate Bill 84 was approved by the Senate by a vote of 26-11, sending it to the House for discussion.

The House immediately started making amendments to the bill, and it quickly became clear that there some opposition in that chamber. On April 2, the House voted against the bill by a count of 71-48, effectively ending the chances this year.

A similar bill will likely be introduced right away in 2021, but the House is going to have to get on board or at least work with the Senate.

Bally’s Continues to Expand

Bally 150x150 1Bally’s is a company that is based out of Rhode Island, but it has become a big name throughout the United States. This company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and it is attempting to challenge the biggest names in online gambling.

The Kansas Lottery owns and operates all forms of gambling in the state, but adding Bally’s would provide a huge boost. If online sports betting is offered, this will become the third state that Bally’s has entered without a land-based casino presence.

Nebraska Launching, Missouri Not

The fact that Kansas is waiting for another year before a possible sports betting launch could end up costing the state millions in revenue. Kansas had a chance to become a leader in its part of the country, but that will no longer be the case.

Nebraska was able to legalize sports betting in 2021, and the industry is expected to launch later this year. This will allow that state to get off to a big start over Kansas, but Nebraska is not going to become a large sports betting market.

Missouri was also looking to legalize sports betting in 2021, but it was also unable to get it done. There will now be pressure and competition on both Missouri and Kansas to get to the finish line first.


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