Las Vegas Casino eSports Conference to go Virtual

casino esports conference

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to have a stronghold over the U.S., the conference industry has taken a nose-dive as multiple states across the country do not allow gathers of over 50 people.

As Zoom conferences become the norm, the Casino eSports Conference is taking a different approach this year. They are turning the conference to a virtual meet and great as the attendees will feel like they are in a video game.

Initially scheduled for June, the conference was pushed back to September with hopes of being able to have an in-person attendance. Now, conference hosts Ari and Ben Fox have decided to turn the conference into a video game.

Attending the Conference

“We wanted to do something that wasn’t just a Zoom call,” show co-founder Ari Fox said. The conference will have specialized 3D technology to make the virtual conference a reality. Running from September 28-30, the conference is expected to have over 500 attendees from all over the world to discuss the casino and eSports industries.

Attendees will be able to create their virtual avatar to roam the conference. You will also be able to see contact information instantly while in the virtual conference and be able to interact and exchange business cards with attendees.

Seminars and keynote speakers will discuss industry trends and the happenings in eSports and Casinos. People will also be able to ask questions during them, which is a bit different than normal online seminars.

The conference is $159 per person and have groups of four, eight, and 10 packages available.

Conference Industry During COVID

Las Vegas as turned into a major hub for conferences and trade shows over the recent years. Las Vegas sees nearly double the conferences and trades shows they had 20 years ago. In 2019, 6.6 million conference attendees traveled to Vegas, according to reports.

Las Vegas was doing everything they could to continue to attract the conferences and trade shows to Sin City. Caesar’s Entertainment opened a $375 million conference facility this March. Unfortunately, the timing of the coronavirus has not allowed them to make use out of it in 2020.

According to Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, Las Vegas will see less than 20 million people travel to their city, which is down from the 42.5 million people that went in 2019. Former Penn National Gaming CEO, Tim Wilmott, believes conferences bring in roughly 40 percent of the Vegas casino profits.

A New Day

This will be the fourth conference the Casino eSports Conference hosts, and it will be the first of its kind to have a virtual e-conference instead of the popular Zoom conferences that have gone on since March.

There might be no better conference to try a virtual e-conference with than the CEC. ESports are exploding in popularity, and it only makes sense for a conference involving video games is turned into one.

“We’re bringing an experience people have never had online before with a more personal feel,” Ben Fox said. “That’s what we’re about — bringing this new technology, as well as esports, that’s relevant to gaming online. We’re practicing what we preach.”

The Fox brothers are trying to change the future of online conferences.

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