Live Odds Coming to New Jersey Bar Screens

New JerseyAs we see sports betting grow more and more into the mainstream, once-casual sports fans are suddenly aware of odds, spreads, and point totals. Betting lines, and even picks, are shown off in sports media. Wagering on sports is more popular than ever, and you won’t see it slow down anytime soon. But because of the growing list of sportsbooks available, it’s getting more and more difficult to stand out. Sportsbooks generally offer welcome bonuses and special promos, but that won’t always help them beat out the competition. That’s why we’re starting to see more unique marketing strategies, as seen with the recent partnership between Tipico and TVM DOOH in New Jersey. Let’s take a deeper look into Tipico’s marketing move and the state of New Jersey sports gambling.

Tipico Providing Live Odds In New Jersey Bars

TipicoSports betting and bars simply go together perfectly. Somebody at Tipico must have noticed that in striking this new deal. Tipico, a sportsbook and casino operator based in Malta, is teaming up with TVM DOOH, the biggest network of display screens in the U.S. As part of the team up, you’ll now see live Tipico odds flashed whenever you go into a New Jersey bar or restaurant. The screens will flash odds from the NFL and other sports, as well as Tipico’s own marketing content. The screens won’t just flash pre-game odds, as you’ll see live boosts, moneyline numbers, player props, and spreads.

While this might seem like a minor addition, it is one that will benefit sports bettors in the New Jersey area. Not every bettor wants to be glued to their phone the entire game waiting for the odds they want to pop up. Seeing Tipico odds pop up on bar and restaurant screens will help New Jersey bettors immediately jump on an in-game number they like.

Sports Betting in New Jersey

Wagering on sports is totally legal in New Jersey. Two of the most popular sportsbooks in the state are FanDuel and DraftKings. However, it’s also home to plenty of other platforms, such as Caesars Sportsbook, BetMGM, Unibet, WynnBET, and many more. And, of course, the Tipico sportsbook is available in the state.

In addition to the many online sportsbooks available in New Jersey, there’s also a number of physical sportsbooks. Since the dawn of legalization, the total amount bet on sports in the area has surpassed $6 billion. All this betting has generated $50 million in tax revenue for the state. New Jersey sports bettors must be 21 or over to place a wager.

The Tipico Sportsbook Is Taking On the Competition

Tipico’s partnership with TVM DOOH shows that they’re ready to take on some of the big names. The sportsbook is currently available in Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, and New Jersey. However, don’t be surprised if that list starts to grow. Arizona has had legal sports betting for a few weeks now, and Connecticut plans to launch legal sports betting on October 7th. With more legalization across the U.S., Tipico will have to keep expanding to compete with DraftKings, FanDuel, and the growing army of available platforms.

Anthony Elio is a CU Boulder graduate with a degree in creative writing and advertising. He is the lead Industry Betting Writer at, where he has spent over a year covering industry news in sports betting, casino, and poker.

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