Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl Odds 2023

The current Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl odds are . This number places the Chargers with the sixth highest Super Bowl odds of all teams heading into the 2022-2023 season, behind only the Bills, Bucs, Chiefs, Packers, and Rams. Though this squad missed the playoffs entirely in 2021-2022, a lot of the hype in regards to this number derives itself from the big offseason move this team made — namely acquiring key defensive stalwarts in JC Jackson and Khalil Mack — and Justin Herbert’s progress as a third year quarterback. Their run defense, which was a primary area of concern in 2021, has also seemingly gotten better this offseason with the addition of Sebastian Joseph-Day at NT. Offensively, they add 1st round draft pick Zion Johnson to an already formidable line and return Keenan Allen and Mike Williams on the perimeter. The pressure is on Herbert and Brandon Staley in year 4, and their 2023 Super Bowl odds reflect this.

Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl Odds & Futures 2022-2023

With the additions of Khalil Mack, Sebastian Joseph-Day, and JC Jackson this offseason, the Chargers have filled out massive holes in their roster that many believe prevented them from making a postseason run last season and such improvements are clearly reflected in their improved odds. They’ll need to prove they can do it, but no one believes they lack the personnel to get it done.

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Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl Odds Analysis

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The Los Angeles Chargers just missed the postseason last year, finishing the season 9-8 and one spot out of the playoffs. The Chargers are in a very competitive division this year that consists of the Chiefs, Raiders, and Broncos, who have all made significant improvements to their lineups. The Chargers will need to continue to play at the same level as last year with few upgrades to be a standout.

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert was one of the most talked-about quarterbacks in the league during the 2021 season. Herbert threw for 5,014 yards in the regular season, which was second only to Tom Brady. As Herbert enters his third year in the NFL, he has an incredible receiving and rushing core lineup that can elevate his stats and his team.

Wide receivers Mike Williams and Kennan Allen are centers of this aggressive offense. They stand in 12th and 13th place in the league in receiving yards. These two players differentiate the Chargers from other teams in the league by having two star options downfield. They both have incredible versatility, making them double threats in short and long ranges. Herbert has a great connection with both receivers, which is showcased in the team’s stats.

The rush game for the Chargers is also on par with Austin Ekeler. Ekeler put up 911 rushing yards and 647 receiving yards last season. Ekeler is a triple threat who can rush, catch, and block, making him one of the most influential players on this team. As he continues to grow into his talent, he will continue to be a tremendous asset to this offense.

Almost every aspect of the Chargers’ offense is amazing. The defense is what held them back from a playoff spot. They allowed 459 points throughout their 17 games last year, which is 27 per game. They allowed the most points in the AFC West, which cost them good positioning to continue their season. During free agency, the team has been picking up key defensive players like JC Jackson, Sebastian Joseph-Day, Khalil Mack and Austin Johnson to make them more of a defensive threat. Once they master their defensive pressure, this team can become really dangerous.


Reasons Why the Los Angeles Chargers Can and Can’t Win the Super Bowl


  • The Chargers have one of the best offensive fronts in the league
  • Their pass-rush option is stacked with talent on both ends
  • Justin Herbert continues to shine as he gains more experience in the NFL


  • Their receiving core is good at best, plainly average at worst
  • The AFC West is the toughest division in football
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