Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl Odds 2023

The Los Angeles Chargers current Super Bowl odds are . In a tough AFC, the Chargers Super Bowl Odds were always going to be a value. The injuries did hit but they are overcoming them late in the year. Find updated Chargers Super Bowl odds below.

Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl Odds & Futures 2022-2023

With the additions of Khalil Mack, Sebastian Joseph-Day, and J.C/ Jackson this offseason, the Chargers filled out massive holes in their roster that many believe prevented them from making a postseason run last season and such improvements are clearly reflected in their preseason odds. They’ll need to prove they can do it, but no one believes they lack the personnel to get it done.

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Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl Odds Analysis

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The Chargers went out and had a terrific offseason with intentions of not only reaching the playoffs for the first time with Justin Herbert but making a deep run. Unfortunately for the franchise, this Chargers team isn’t much different than recent Chargers teams. Injuries have ravaged the depth chart on both sides of the ball, and they still can’t manage to get over the hump against the Chiefs in the AFC West.

Rashawn Slater and J.C. Jackson are both out for the remainder of the season, while Joey Bosa has experienced an extended absence. Both Keenan Allen and Mike Williams have also been hit by nagging injuries. Can the Chargers get healthy enough to make a run through the AFC? With Herbert under center, it’s not impossible. 

The Chargers built a very impressive roster ahead of this season, but Herbert was by far the biggest reason their Super Bowl odds were so strong. Many considered the third-year quarterback an MVP candidate, and Joe Burrow’s surprise run to an AFC championship made the Chargers an even more attractive pick coming into the year. Herbert has kept the Chargers in games to this point. He hasn’t played like an MVP, but he does make MVP-caliber throws in big moments. 

The defense, though, would face a massive challenge in the playoffs if the Chargers can get there. If it can’t hold up against Geno Smith or Derek Carr, we know Burrow, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes would tear through the unit. We’ve already seen Mahomes do it twice this season. Between the injuries, defensive issues, and the reality that the Chargers have to make up ground just to reach the playoffs, it’s no surprise their Super Bowl odds have tailed off considerably. 

It’s far from impossible for the Chargers to make the playoffs. If some key pieces get healthy and Herbert finishes the year strong like Burrow did last season, there will be some takers on the Chargers’ Super Bowl odds while they’re at such a good value. The risk, however, is greater than it was coming into the season, considering the gauntlet of quarterbacks in the AFC playoff picture and the injuries that have made the Chargers much less equipped to slow them down. 

It’ll be worth watching what the Chargers do this offseason, both in terms of coaching and the roster, to keep building around Herbert. The young quarterback’s presence will give this team a chance to make a run as soon as the rest of the roster is able to stay somewhat healthy.

Reasons Why the Los Angeles Chargers Can and Can’t Win the Super Bowl


  • A Joey Bosa return would give LA a feared pass-rush attack
  • Even in losses, the Chargers have hung with the Chiefs
  • Justin Herbert continues to shine as he gains more experience in the NFL


  • Injuries have plagued the roster up and down
  • Shaky defense would struggle with elite AFC quarterbacks
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