Los Angeles Clippers NBA Championship Odds 2023-24

The current Los Angeles Clippers NBA championship odds are . After another injury-riddled (and load management-filled) season, the Los Angeles Clippers suffered another early playoff exit. Los Angeles returns most of its roster from last year, including Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Terance Mann, Ivica Zubac, Marcus Morris, Norman Powell, Robert Covington, Nic Batum, and Russell Westbrook. However, there is still uncertainty about whether or not this roster can compete with the top dogs in the Western Conference.

Can the Clippers avoid the injury bug and frequent dry spells offensively to secure their first NBA Championship in 2024? Take a look at their odds, futures, strengths, and weaknesses below. 

Los Angeles Clippers NBA Championship Odds & Futures 2023-24

The current odds for Los Angeles futures are located in the table below. It includes championship, conference, division, playoff, and win total odds for the Clippers. 

Los Angeles Clippers NBA Championship Odds & FuturesOdds (Updated September 2023)
2023 NBA Championship Odds
Western Conference Winner Odds

Rumors of the Clippers trading for James Harden seem to have subsided; they weren’t willing to part ways with Terance Mann. Further, the Sixers are playing “hard ball” with Harden, and it appears increasingly likely that they will move him wherever they want, and not necessarily to a “preferred destination.”

Since Harden will likely not be a Clipper, the question then becomes whether or not Los Angeles has enough talent to compete for an NBA Championship with its current roster. See reasons why they can and cannot win the 2024 NBA Championship below!

Reasons Why Los Angeles Clippers Can & Can’t Win NBA 2023-24 Championship


  • Shooting: Los Angeles ranked second in 3PT% last season; they had ten players taking at least two 3PA per game, and Westbrook was the only player below 36%. The Clippers can surround Leonard’s superb mid-range skills with an abundance of shooting, which forces defenses to either allow a Leonard isolation or a swing to an open three. Los Angeles will be able to quickly slash any leads because of its ability to get hot from deep.
  • Star Power: If we created a list based on the best duos in the NBA, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George would rank highly. When you evaluate championship teams over the past decade, every single one has at least a dynamic duo, if not a trio of superstars. Leonard and George are talented enough on both ends of the floor to take over a game and a series when they are healthy.
  • Lineup Versatility: The Clippers have a treasure chest of versatile, positionless wings that can play 2-4. Therefore, Los Angeles will be able to put the five players they want on the court without worrying about glaring weaknesses. They can switch without hesitation on defense and switch offensive roles during broken plays.


    • Injuries/Injury History: Injuries have been the undoing of this team since George and Leonard joined forces. PG and Kawhi hardly ever stay healthy at the same time, which will be necessary if the Clippers want to win an NBA Championship. However, now that Kawhi and PG are in their 30s and have a lengthy injury history, it becomes less and less likely by the day that they will be able to avoid injury for not only an entire regular season, but the postseason, too.
    • Frontcourt Depth: As far as frontcourt talent goes, Los Angeles definitely ranks middle-of-the-road heading into the 2023-24 regular season. Marcus Morris, Ivica Zubac, Nic Batum, and Mason Plumlee are serviceable to some extent; however, there are teams that will dominate that unit, including Minnesota, Memphis, Denver, Milwaukee, and several others.
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