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The current Super Bowl odds for the Los Angeles Rams are . This season, the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Odds have increased to +1000 due to their great success of last year. However, the Rams have lost one of their best defensive linemen, Von Miller, and have the potential to lose Aaron Donald to retirement entering this year. This change in the defensive lineup could greatly affect the team’s dominance in the league. In their free agency and draft, this team will need to reestablish their defense if they want to be in similar positioning for the start of the 2022 NFL season.

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Odds & Futures 2022-23

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The defending champs have had a rough season so far. They’re another team that was hit with the injury bug this year. Matthew Stafford was having an okay at best year, but then got injured with a concussion and a neck injury too and isn’t going to play the rest of the year. A revolving door at quarterbacks has followed with Baker Mayfield taking over the job for the rest of the season. The receivers have also been okay at best too with the only exception being Cooper Kupp who was having an amazing year before he got injured with an ankle sprain. Cam Akers has been better than expected for the Rams this year at running back and he’s taken control as the primary running back. The offensive line has also been one of the worst in the NFL with the only exception being Rob Havenstein. The offense averages 17 points and 308 yards a game.

The Rams defense had so much potential this year, but they’ve underwhelmed so far. The front seven has played very well still with Aaron Donald still dominating on the defensive line and Bobby Wagner playing very well in the linebacking corps. Depth is a bit of an issue but the line is still playing well even with the Rams underperforming this year. The secondary is a real issue with Jalen Ramsey being the only notable talent and no one else really stepping up. The defense has easily regressed this year as a whole. The defense gives up 17 points and 344 yards a game for the year.

The Rams were decimated by injuries this year and they don’t have a lot of draft capital to take advantage of this year. The schedule is decent the rest of the year which should be difficult. They should be much better next year, and this year it just hasn’t worked out

Reasons Why Rams Can & Can’t Win Super Bowl 57


  • Cooper Kupp is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, and the extension to his contract is huge for this team.
  • Matthew Stafford has established himself as a weapon with the Rams, and keeping his receivers will be huge for his play this season.
  • Cam Akers has looked good at running back.
  • Baker Mayfield could save their season.


  • Key defensive players left or are questioning leaving the team that will disrupt their blitz and pass-rush defense.
  • Very weak offensive line
  • No wide receiving depth after Kupp
  • Injury bug has hit hard
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