Louisiana Moves Closer to Sports Betting

Louisiana passed a sports betting bill in the Senate 29-9 to allow citizens to vote for sports betting. This will allow for each parish to vote on the legalization of sports betting in November.

The bill moved over to the House, which will be revoted on next week. Speaker Pro Tempor Tanner Magee pushed his own sports betting referendum with a technical addition. This has delayed the process about a week, but people are still positive that citizens will be able to bet on sports betting legalization in November.

The Delay in the House

Tanner Magee delay passed 73-23, so the House will vote on this in the last week of meetings. Magee wanted to add some additions to the bill before official voting began.

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Overall, the house is expected to vote on where sports betting would take place, how it will be taxed, and what sports will be allowed to be bet on.

These should be minor changes, but could make an impact on how the voting proceeds. If the bill is passed by the House, then the citizens will vote on the sports betting in November.

The goal for the House and Senate is to have sports betting on the ballot.

Parish by Parish Basis

If Louisiana has a chance to vote on the legalization of sports betting in November, it will look a bit different compared to other states. Louisiana will vote based on parish by parish basis instead of majority vote.

What this means is one parish could vote yes sports betting and one could vote no. There are 64 parishes throughout Louisiana.

In 2018, 47 parishes in Louisiana voted for daily fantasy sports for the state. However, the chance for it to become a thing was unable to happen. State legislators could agree on how to tax it, so DFS fizzled out.

This gives hope to sports bettors in Louisiana. Citizens are in favor of sports betting based on 2018 daily fantasy sports voting. However, this comes down to the Louisiana government if they can get a bill passed or not.

Tanner Magee held up voting for a week, but hopefully the technicality doesn’t destroy the chance at sports betting in Lousisiana.

Impact on Louisiana Sports Betting

If sports betting in Louisiana get be voted on in November, then it should help the state out generate revenue for years to come.

The state has estimated a $100 million loss in revenue due to the coronavirus. If the state legalizes sports betting, then this would help make up the gap in lost revenue.

Now, this something that wouldn’t take place until 2021 at the earliest, so it wouldn’t be a quick fix. However, casinos have started opening up in Louisiana. By the time sports betting would be legal, and up and running, casinos should be back to full capacity on top of offering sports betting.

States are starting to see the benefits in sports betting. The revenue generated by sportsbooks across the country is helping local governments fix budgets. Louisiana will benefit just like other states around the US, and the Coronavirus might help speed up the process.

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