Major League Baseball Backs Responsible Gaming Ahead of 2022 Postseason

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is continuing its efforts to assist in responsible gaming this month – on Sept. 29, the group announced a new strategic partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) to promote responsible wagering. This initiative comes after the group commenced the first-ever Responsible Gaming Education Month on Sept. 1. 

MLB Shows “Commitment to Responsibility”

The MLB is now an official partner of AGA’s Have A Game Plan.® Bet Responsibly.™ public campaign in efforts to expand the league’s focus on responsible gaming in baseball. As partners, the league will run responsible sports betting announcements across MLB channels and games, starting this postseason. The AGA will guide the MLB through the process to help enhance league-wide knowledge on the topic. All 30 teams will be extended campaign partnership opportunities. 

“Welcoming Major League Baseball as a Have A Game Plan partner is a milestone for the campaign and responsible gaming efforts nationwide,” said AGA Senior Vice President Casey Clark. “MLB understands that as legal sports betting grows so does our collective commitment to responsibility. This partnership will have a meaningful impact, teaching fans across the country the fundamentals of responsible wagering.”

Concurrently with its AGA partnership, the MLB expanded its partnership with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), and the league is now serving as a Platinum Member. The league also joined the NCPG’s Leadership Circle. 

The MLB was actually the very first professional sports league to join the NCPG back in 2005. Now that the two parties have deepened this relationship, the MLB will work closely with NCPG Executive Director Keith Whyte and his team on various problem gambling initiatives. 

“We applaud MLB’s ongoing commitment to addressing problem gambling and look forward to their expanded efforts to support responsible gambling education to fans and families across the country,” said Whyte. “If gambling becomes a problem, knowing the resources for help is crucial. MLB’s extensive reach will make a significant impact in raising awareness of the National Problem Gambling Helpline and the resources available for treatment.”

Inaugural Responsible Gaming Education Month (September 2022)

The AGA created the first ever Responsible Gaming Education Month in September when they expanded the campaign from a week to a month for the first time ever. It was organized by four weekly themes that outlined the company’s commitment to responsible gaming:

  • Sept. 1-10: Empowering Customers to Play Responsibly
  • Sept. 11-17: Legal, Regulated Gaming Protects players
  • Sept. 18-24: Employees–the RG Front Line
  • Sept. 25-30: Advancing Responsible Gaming with Technology

They also released a new edition of the Responsible Gaming Statutes and Regulations Guide which was updated for the first time since 2019. Since its last update, 16 states have legalized sports betting, two states have legalized iGaming, and another two states have legalized land-based casino gaming. This updated guide addresses the statutes and regulations in all 34 states and the District of Columbia. 

“While our members’ responsibility commitments go above and beyond what is required of them, this guide is a valuable resource for our industry to maintain its high standards of regulatory compliance in all facets of responsible gaming,” said AGA Vice President of Strategic Communications & Responsibility Cait DeBaun.

The inaugural Responsible Gaming Education Month was bookended by the AGA’s partnership with the MLB which will be put into action during the 2022 MLB Postseason. The postseason kicks off this week with four playoff games on Oct. 7. 

NCPG Resources

The NCPG has a 24-hour confidential national help hotline. They can be reached by phone, text, or chat. 

To view resources available in your state, click here. To check out more NCPG resources available for sports betting, click here. 

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