Make a Real Difference and Play FanDuel’s Duel for a Difference

duelfordifferencelogoDaily fantasy sports’ adds an air of excitement to the real games. If you love sports, you probably find pleasure in posting a DFS lineup of fantasy superstars. It’s also nice to win some cash along the way. FanDuel has added another level of enjoyment to the daily fantasy contests we love.

Now, you can play to win while also playing to help. FanDuel‘s Duel for a Difference is giving away tickets to Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida. Plus, all the entry fees posted this Saturday will all be donated to the Lupus Research Alliance. Here’s all you need to know about how you can help make a difference playing Duel for a Difference.

The Lupus Research Alliance

lupusMillions of people across the world are affected by the lupus. It is a chronic disorder that attacks our complex autoimmune system. The disease can be dreadful. Our lupus immune system is a perfectly designed method our bodies use to protect us against infections.

People with lupus experience the exact opposite effect. Instead of building a defense mechanism of antibodies to guard our various organs, lupus produces aggressive antibodies that actually attack the same organs and tissues it’s supposed to protect. Through the Lupus Research Alliance, lives are being changed every day.

The foundation funds lupus research projects around the world. Monies are used to finance the research efforts of brilliant scientific professionals who are battling to improve treatment and eventually discover a cure. Every dollar donated funnels directly to lupus research programs.

In FanDuel’s Duel for a Difference fantasy contest, 100 percent of the entry fees will be donated to the Lupus Research Alliance. So, you can play for a chance to enjoy professional football’s ultimate prize while helping to battle a disease that affects millions of people around the world.

Entry and FanDuel Rewards

Duel for a Difference isn’t only going to contribute thousands of dollars worth of entry fees to the Lupus Research Alliance, they’re going to contribute to the FanDuel family of DFS players. The more times you enter, and donate, the more FanDuel Points (FDPs) you earn.


Your fifth entry will earn you 2,400 FDPs. From there the rewards increase. Any player who enters between 10 and 19 times generates a whopping 12,000 FDPs. More than 20 entries will begin to earn some special rewards as well as FDPs.

When you enter between 20 and 49 times, you get your 12,000 FDPs, plus a commemorative Swag Bay from the Lupus Research Alliance. Hit the 50 entry mark, and you’ll get the Swag Bag, 12,000 FDPs, plus some very special autographed NFL memorabilia.

The prize awards for Duel for a Difference are in FanDuel Points as well. The top 50 lineup scores will be credited with FDPs. Second place gets an additional 24,000 points on top of whatever they earned from their number of entries.

Now, post the lineup that scores the most fantasy points on Saturday, and you will win the ultimate contest prize. The winner of Duel for a Difference will win a trip for two to Miami to watch Super Bowl LIV in-person.

FanDuel is always looking to offer rewards and bonuses to thank their dedicated DFS players. With Duel for a Difference they are combining that sense of FanDuel family with a dedicated effort to help people with an unfortunate disease.

Get in the game Saturday. Enter Duel for a Difference multiple times to earn more FanDuel Points. If you build the best lineup, you and a friend may be on your way to Miami in February.

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