Milwaukee Bucks NBA Championship Odds 2022-23

The current Milwaukee Bucks NBA championship odds are . Milwaukee came up just short of what would have likely been another NBA Finals appearance. The Eastern Conference Semi-Finals series between Milwaukee and Boston was ugly at times, with road teams often winning and huge blown leads late in the games. Boston squeaked out the series win against the Bucks, who did not have their second-best player and All-Star, Khris Middleton, for all seven games. Middleton’s absence begs the question, “Would the Bucks have won their second championship if he stayed healthy?” In all likelihood, Milwaukee would have made the NBA Finals again, at a bare minimum.

Milwaukee Bucks NBA Championship Odds & Futures 2022-23

With Khris Middleton expected to be completely healthy heading into the 2022-23 NBA season and Giannis Antetokounmpo in his prime years, the Bucks have a strong likelihood of winning an NBA Championship again. The sportsbooks seem to agree as they have solid odds heading into the preseason. Check out all of the Bucks’ futures in the table below!

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Much like the Memphis Grizzlies, the Milwaukee Bucks fell victim to the injury bug in the postseason, all but ending a potential championship run. Giannis almost put the Bucks on his back and carried them past the league’s best defense and two of the brightest stars in the NBA but came up just short. Milwaukee will be back to full health this season and has plenty of offensive firepower to shoot every other team off the floor. Any potential championship run will ultimately come down to consistency, defense, and staying healthy.

Reasons Why Milwaukee Bucks Can & Can’t Win NBA 2022-23 Championship


  • Shooting: What do Grayson Allen, Pat Connaughton, Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton, Wesley Matthews, Bobby Portis, Serge Ibaka, and George Hill all have in common? Every single one of those players has shot at least 39% from deep for at least one entire season. There are few other teams in the NBA that have this many near-40% three-point shooters. Even Brook Lopez, their starting center, can get red hot from deep if left open. The Bucks’ offensive approach is simple yet effective: Giannis penetrates the lane and either scores, gets fouled, or kicks out to an open three-point shooter. Don’t fix what’s not broken.
  • Experience/Championship DNA: The Milwaukee Bucks won the 2020-21 NBA Championship and returned almost every player from their run last season. Milwaukee continues to add talent to its roster while retaining the players who took it from a middle-of-the-road team to a contender.
  • Giannis and Middleton: This dynamic duo has already won an NBA Championship, and there is absolutely no reason they can’t do it again. Had Middleton stayed healthy in the 2022 postseason, Milwaukee would have made it to the NBA Finals for the second straight time. Giannis continues to improve every single year, and at only 27 years old, there is no end in sight to his reign as the NBA’s best player.


    • Consistency: It does not matter how great you are as a team; there will always be some level of criticism. In this case, Milwaukee’s criticisms are consistency and effort. The Bucks pick and choose the nights they want to be great, and if their shots aren’t falling, they hang it up on the defensive end. If you don’t believe me, watch some of their regular season games last year. Milwaukee was difficult to bet on because it could dust a great team like Phoenix, Golden State, or Brooklyn one night and then get bulldozed by a bottom-barrel team the next game. An improvement in consistency, especially on defense, will make this team almost impossible to beat in a seven-game series.
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