2021 Minnesota Vikings Betting Preview: Odds, Lines, & Predictions

2021 Minnesota Vikings Betting Preview

The 2020 Minnesota Vikings had an extremely poor season, with an uncharastically bad Mike Zimmer defense. However, the team did have some quite good excuses for the poor play. The secondary was comprised of extremely young talents, revolving mainly around rookies. Michael Pierce, the marquee defensive signing for the 2020 Vikings, opted out due to Covid. Then, both Anthony Barr and Danielle Hunter were out with injury.

The Vikings made it a priority to reassure their defense in 2021. If the offense could simply keep pace with their 2020 performance and make minor improvements to the line, then the team should be a Super Bowl contender with the ordinarily elite Zimmer defense. That, however, will be the big question this season.

2020 Minnesota Vikings Team Stats

  • Points For: 430
  • Points Against: 475
  • Passing Yards Per Game: 250.6
  • Rushing Yards Per Game: 142.7
  • Passing Yards Allowed Per Game: 258.8
  • Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game: 134.4

Key Offseason Transactions

The Minnesota Vikings had a hectic offseason. Let us start with the two key departures. The first was Riley Reiff, one of the better offensive line players on the team who was consistently solid at LT. Then, the team also decided not to re-sign Anthony Harris, a safety who had two straight great years next to Harrison Smith.

When looking at additions, it was obvious that Mike Zimmer wanted to bring in veteran talents to sure up his defense and teach the young guys on the team. The Vikings added one of the best run-stopping DT’s in the league, Dalvin Tomlinson. The team also was able to snag Sheldon Richardson. No team in the league can boast a trio of DTs as good as the Vikings with Peirce, Tomlinson, and Richardson.

The team also signed Patrick Peterson and former Viking Mackensie Alexander at cornerback. These two will most likely start next to rookie-breakout Cameron Dantzler at CB. The Vikings also traded for Brashaud Breeland simply to add depth at CB. The last significant defensive addition was Xavier Woods, who will be partnering with Harrison Smith at the safety spot.

The offensive additions were not nearly as large. However, the Vikings already boast one of the best set of skill position players in the league. The only place the team needed to add talent was the offensive line, and they did so in the draft. With their first-round selection, the Vikings took Christian Darrisaw, widely considered the best run-blocking LT prospect in some time.

He also was excellent in pass pro. In the third round, Wyatt Davis, one of the best guards in the draft, fell to the Vikings to select. The Vikings did make one major skill position addition in adding DeDe Westbrook, who is the ideal third receiver for this team behind Thielen and Jefferson.

Key Draft Pick: Christian Darrisaw

Biggest Signing: Dalvin Tomlinson

Key Release: Riley Reiff

minnesota vikings

2020 Minnesota Vikings Betting Stats

Record: 7-9
MOV: -2.8
ATS: 6-10
ATS +/-: -2.9
Over/Under: 11-5
Total +/-:  +6.7

2021 Minnesota Vikings Betting Outlook

The Minnesota Vikings are actually a pretty good team, historically, against the spread with Mike Zimmer. Unfortunately, the team just could not get it together in 2020. However, with the defense returning healthy and adding some major players, I project that the solid ATS record will return.

When it comes to futures, the Vikings are in an exciting place. Bookmakers seem a little low on the Vikings, but that could change with an Aaron Rodgers trade. Regardless if Rodgers stays or goes, the Vikings have a pretty solid chance at not only making the playoffs but winning the division. The schedule is difficult, but the Packers’ schedule is just as hard, if not more difficult.

Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Odds ()

The Vikings are a historic franchise that has achieved basically everything there is to achieve except a Super Bowl. The team has by far the best winning percentage in the NFL, out of the franchises without a Super Bowl victory. Now, Could 2021 be the year? I believe that this is the Vikings’ best chance since the Minneapolis Miracle year.

While I do not place them above the Bucs or Rams, I firmly believe they should be slotted in the third or fourth place among NFC teams. When looking at the odds, that is an absolute steal. So, are the Vikings going to win the Super Bowl? Probably not; a lot of things need to go right, but are the odds at a value? Absolutely.

Pick: NFL Champion () – Yes

Minnesota Vikings Playoff Odds ()

The Minnesota Vikings should be making the playoffs. While the team has a tough schedule, the NFC West should be a blood bath among the teams in the division. Then, besides the NFC West, there is not a lot of talent to compete for a wild card, even if the Packers take the division. Neither the NFC East nor South really boasts a solid number two or number three team, in my opinion.

The Saints and Cowboys would probably be your best bet, but both of these teams have glaring weaknesses. At the current odds, the Vikings are not a slam dunk value, but I still believe you are getting EV betting yes on them to make the playoffs.

Pick: To Make Playoffs () – Yes

Minnesota Vikings Win Total Odds ()

It is important to remember that this will be the first NFL Season with 17 games. The Vikings should be on pace for a 10-7 season, without any really stunning results. However, if the team plays up to their full potential and the defense is as good as many think it can be, then 11-6 or 12-5 is not out of the question. If you are betting on this, I would not be betting under, and the over seems like a decent value. Again, if Rodgers leaves, it’s a slam dunk, but I like this line even with a fully competitive Packers squad.

Pick: Over 9 Wins () – Yes

Minnesota Vikings Players Futures Odds

Dalvin Cook to Lead Leauge in Rushing Yards ()

While there is not a ton of wagers that I love for player-specific futures on the Vikings, my favorite has to be Dalvin Cook to tally the most rushing yards in the league. This offensive line is built to run the football. Darrisaw and Davis, the two rookies who will be starting, are considered great run blockers. Meanwhile, Brian O’Neil is already one of, if not the league’s best run-blocking RT.

Bradberry and Cleveland at C and LG are also considered plus run blockers. Between all this talent and Dalvin Cook’s ridiculous vision, elusiveness, and explosiveness, there is an excellent chance that he has a monstrous year.

There is also the factor that the Vikings’ defense will be, hopefully, good again. This leads to plus game scripts, and we all know Mike Zimmer wants to run the football.


The Minnesota Vikings may have the most improved defense in the league for 2021. This, combined with the already prolific offense, means that they should be competitors. With the Vikings coming off of such a poor 2020, there might be quite a few values when betting on the Vikings. Whether those are team futures or game lines, the Vikings could bring some great expected value this year.

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