Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Odds 2022

Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Odds 2022

The Minnesota Vikings are synonymous with heartbreak. This is a team that constantly puts together rosters and teams that should be competing for Super Bowls but fall short. This year is another opportunity for the Minnesota Vikings to let down their fans and bettors because the team, on paper, is a Super Bowl contender.

This may seem crazy after how poorly the Vikings played in 2020. However, even that team almost got to .500 at 7-9. Meanwhile, the 2021 Vikings roster is head and shoulders above the team from last year. Many lists argue that the Vikings are top 5 in most improved rosters, and that is not even taking into consideration guys coming back from injury and opt-outs in 2020.

Minnesota Vikings Odds 2021

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Offseason Changes

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A lot changed for the Vikings between 2020 and 2021. Let us focus on the roster that will actually be fielded. While Michael Pierce, Anthony Barr, and Danielle Hunter are not new additions, none of these elite starting defensemen played much of 2020. All three will be on the field for 2021 and will be making a massive difference in this team.

The defense also added Dalvin Tomlinson, Patrick Peterson, Mackenzie Alexander, and Xavier Woods to the team. This has bolstered up the secondary, which returns to key starters in Harrison Smith and Cameron Dantzler. The only notable losses on the defensive side of the ball were Anthony Harris and Jeff Gladney.

Moving to the offensive side, we see the only significant coaching change where Klint Kubiak was promoted to offensive coordinator after being the quarterbacks’ coach with the Vikings since 2019. He replaces his father, Gary Kubiak, in that position for the Vikings.

The offense lost two of its starters in LT Riley Reiff and TE Kyle Rudolph. However, the Vikings went out and drafted a first-round LT in Christian Darrisaw and also have Irv Smith Jr. waiting in the wings at TE, a former 2nd round pick who is developing into a star. The only other notable offensive additions were Wyatt Davis in the draft and Dede Westbrook in free agency. Davis projects as a starting guard on this offensive line, and Westbrook will be the third wide receiving choice behind Thielen and Jefferson.

Minnesota Vikings Odds Analysis

The Minnesota Vikings have decently long odds for the Super Bowl. Going into the season, they ranked in the bottom half of the league for odds to win the Super Bowl. Even if that changes with success, I project this bet being a value all year long. There are a couple of things that can absolutely derail the season for the Vikings, but when it comes to value for the talent on the roster, this is a good bet.

The Minnesota Vikings are simply a top team in the NFC on both sides of the ball, and the coaching is ridiculously solid. When you have these two together, it does not make much sense as to why the odds are as long as they are. The biggest worry for the Minnesota Vikings is the Green Bay Packers; however, a wild card berth is extraordinarily likely if the team misses out on the NFC North title.

Simply put, you are getting value for money with this wager.

Reasons Why Minnesota Vikings Win the Super Bowl

The way the Minnesota Vikings win the Super Bowl is with dominant defensive performances throughout the entire year. While I truly believe that the offensive skill position weapons are second to none, the defense will be the difference. Even with how poorly the team played last year, Mike Zimmer had one of the best 3rd down defenses in the league. Simply put, Mike Zimmer gets the opposing team off the field, and if he can do that better this year than he ever has, then the team can win a Super Bowl.

The Vikings have depth all over the field on defense. For example, the team currently rosters 3 fantastic defensive tackles in Pierce, Tomlinson, and Richardson. Even with some injuries or COVID worries, this defense should be top-3 in the league all year long. If that happens, then there is no game that this Vikings team cannot win.

Another big point about the defense and those defensive tackles is the run-stopping ability of the team. In the 2019-20 playoff run, the biggest hindrance for the Vikings was stopping opposing teams from controlling the clock and the game on the ground. Now, the Vikings may have the best run-stopping defense in the league. Any team that beats the Vikings will have to beat them through the air while Danielle Hunter tees off on the quarterback.

The last point is not forgetting about this offense. Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen are arguably the best WR duo in the league, Dalvin Cook is arguably the best RB in the league, and Irv Smith Jr. is one of the top up-and-coming TEs in the league. This offense has the firepower and can go out and win a game if need be; however, more importantly, they should put up more than enough points for this team to win a Super Bowl if the defense is as good as it can be.

Reasons Why Minnesota Vikings Don’t Win the Super Bowl

There are two big things that can stop this team from winning a Super Bowl. Incompetence when it comes to COVID and the offensive line. I am not listing injuries here because injuries can derail any NFL team, and there simply is no projecting that. Any wager you make on any NFL bet is always threatened by injury, and you simply have to deal with it.

The Minnesota Vikings entered training camp with the lowest vaccination rate in the league. If that was not bad enough, several team leaders such as Cousins, Thielen, and Harrison Smith have all seemingly, but not confirmed, to have not received a vaccine. This has caused massive issues and several outbursts from coach Mike Zimmer as he pleads for his players to get vaccinated. Ignoring the moral and health issues involved in these decisions, from a football perspective, is very worrying with the Delta COVID variant in the United States. It is possible that a small outbreak could cause the Vikings to lose their QB1, WR1, and play-making safety for multiple weeks. It also means that the Vikings cannot get above the threshold needed to have the competitive advantages that the NFL allows for teams with a certain vaccine percentage.

Besides COVID, another thing that can turn disastrous is the team’s offensive line. The second-best player on the line, Riley Reiff, is being replaced by a rookie. Now, Darrisaw is highly touted, but he is still a rookie, and you never know what you are going to get. Meanwhile, the interior will have Cleveland at LG and Bradberry at C, two players who have yet to impress or even be average. Right guard is a complete mystery as probably the best-case scenario lies with rookie Wyatt Davis starting, who is still an unknown. This offensive line could collapse and stop the offense from doing anything with the ball; if this happens, then the team will not win a Super Bowl.

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