Mississippi Sports Betting Legal Update 2021

Mississippi actually legalized sports betting back in 2018 as they repealed its law prohibiting sports betting. The federal ban was lifted in 2018, leaving Mississippi ready to regulate sports betting early. Mississippi has retail casinos within the state, but mobile and online betting still remain unseen. Bills have been working through the Mississippi government, but none have had much luck. Despite some neighboring states beginning to push through, hose in Mississippi might have to wait until 2022 before mobile betting comes around.

Depositphotos 441471924 xl 2015Mississippi Sports Betting Bills

Mississippi had actually repealed a law prohibiting sports betting before the federal ban was even lifted, making Mississippi eligible for legalized sports betting as soon as the ban was lifted a year later. The Mississippi Gaming Commission has been in charge of regulations and overseeing sports betting within the state. Currently, those within Mississippi state lines and of age can go to retail casinos to wager. Over the last few years, there have been attempts to legalize online sports betting, but all have failed at some level. The Mississippi Gaming Control Act was started back in 1990, which allowed riverboat casinos. There has been an expansion of both land and sea-based casinos in the area since then. Legal sports betting is here but with some limitations like mobile wagering.

Mississippi Sports Betting Legislation Timeline

2017 – This is the birth of what became legalized sports betting in Mississippi. It was during all the daily sports chaos and how it was being viewed as legal in some states with being a game of skill compared to luck. Mississippi pushed forward The Fantasy Contest Act, which removed the prohibition against sports betting entirely.

2018 – The federal ban was lifted in 2018, and the Mississippi Gaming Commission began to regular sports betting. It took 30 days, and after everything was approved, there were operators beginning to offer sports betting. After 2018 there have been a few mobile sports betting bills passed, but none have made it close to being signed into law.

2020/2021 – There have been multiple bills trying to get through mobile sports betting, such as SB 2396, which would allow each casino an online sportsbook. SB2732 would have allowed the same, with an expansion on retail sportsbooks.

When Could Mobile Betting Arrive In Mississippi?

mobile sports betting iconOnline sports wagering arriving in 2021 is bleak, and we should shift our focus to 2022. With most state legislatures wrapping up in April, this leaves a small window to hash anything out last minute. It would have to be a heroic, last-ditch, half-court shot at the buzzer to get something in the works for this year. 2022 seems to be the best bet for mobile betting, as there are currently no bills close to being voted on at a House or Senate level. The sports betting market is large when it comes to mobile, as it is one of the more popular forms of gambling. The sports betting industry has seen a bump in mobile sportsbooks over the l

Retail Casinos In Mississippi

There are 20+ commercial casinos in the state of Mississippi. Gold Strike and Beau Rivage were the first two to accept sports bets, and things took off from there. Not every casino has a partner brand yet for sportsbooks, as some are still finding a partner to approve, but also some have not yet dabbled into the sports betting world. Some partners already in the state are William Hill, BetMGM, Penn National, and DraftKings Sportsbook. All four would quickly pick up as a mobile option when that day arises. Now the slight issue with only having so many casinos partnered is that some areas of the state might not have a close casino that offers sports betting.

Offshore Sportsbooks

Offshore sportsbooks have been a way for Americans to bet on sports for decades now. The issue has always been that the federal ban stood in the way of legalized sports betting, so this is the only option. That also remains the case for those in the 18-20 age range, where they are in that group where most states will not allow them to gamble legally. Mobile and online betting are available for offshore sites, which could attract users in Mississippi who don’t want to head to the retail casinos or are in a close distance to one. There is certainly a missed chance for the state in revenue and also cracking down on those using offshore accounts.

Potential Mobile/Online Sportsbooks

Four out of the five listed below are already partnered with an in-state casino. The one exception is FanDuel, who will likely move in at some point over 2021. There are also over ten casinos that are not partnered up with a sportsbook and might not be as much urgency right now due to the restrictions on mobile betting. Sports betting apps have seen a major rise as the public needs a wide range of sports betting options.


DraftKings was ahead of the curve when it came to sports betting and created their platform alongside their daily fantasy platform, which was the originality of the site. Now they have one of the top products, with a friendly interface, good customer service, and plenty of rewards and promotions. Currently, they are partnered with Scarlet Pearl.

william-hill-100x100William Hill

William Hill has been around the sports betting world for some time and is currently partnered with Grand Sierra. Once mobile-betting is approved, William Hill would be able to provide an online betting product. They are viewed as one of the top-eight sportsbooks in the country with a wide range of betting options.


The only sportsbook in Mississippi with multiple partnerships. They are partnered with Beau Rivage, Gold Strike, Sam’s Town, and IP Casino. BetMGM has been expanding into the online betting scene with a friendly interface, as well as plenty of promotions and sports offerings. They have a background in sports betting and the overall casino scene.

barstool sportsBarstool Sportsbook (Penn National Gaming)

Penn National and Barstool Sportsbook have partnered up and are intertwined in the sports betting world now. Penn National is partnered with Hollywood Casino, and any mobile legalization would likely bring Barstool’s product to Mississippi. The sportsbook is largely relying on its branding as a company to keep up with the more established sportsbooks.

fanduel sportsbookFanDuel

There is currently no partnership with FanDuel and any casino at the moment, but it is among the top-five sportsbooks at the moment. They are also another daily fantasy sports provider and a rival of DraftKings. We might be seeing some of these sportsbooks holding off on any sort of partnership now because of mobile betting not being allowed within the state.

WynnBet App IconWynnBet

WynnBet is another one that is not operating in Mississippi yet but has been making a big splash in the sports betting community. They have moved within the area, as they just recently launched in Tennessee. Their product needs a bit of work when it comes to their interface and mobile design, but they do have a strong customer support team and a wide range of bet offerings.

Daily Fantasy Sports In Mississippi

Daily fantasy sports are legal in the state of Mississippi as long as you are 18 and older and within state lines. During the DFS legal issues from a few years ago, Mississippi cleared DFS to be legal in the state, but also, this created the repeal of sports betting prohibition in Mississippi. Those within state lines can legally play FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo, and any other of the daily fantasy sports sites. The gaming industry has taken a shift to sports betting of late as legal sports wagering takes over the market.

Sports Teams To Bet On In Mississippi

mississippi state bulldogsMississippi doesn’t have any sports teams professionally but is in SEC Country. However, there is still a love for professional sports, especially the NFL. The Falcons, Saints, and Titans remain the biggest three teams within the state. Baseball doesn’t have much of a draw in the state, nor does hockey. For basketball, the Pelicans and various major market teams remain the options. It will be interesting to see how legalized sports betting does in states that don’t draw professional interest like other states who have teams. Professional leagues continue to have the need for new fan interest, and this certainly helps.

Mississippi State and Ole Miss are the two big universities and have big-time football programs in the SEC. Every now and then, they also make runs in basketball, but we know them more for their football ability. With the light restrictions on college sports betting, those in Mississippi have a wide range of options for college sports betting. There have been some massive handles already on college sports, and Missippi is primed to keep this up.

Mississippi Sports Betting FAQ

Is Sports Betting Legal In Mississippi?

Yes, Mississippi sports betting is legal as long as you are on a retail casino property and of age. The prohibition ended at a state level in 2017 and the federal ban was lifted a year later providing Mississippi a way for legal betting.

Can I Bet On Sports Through Mobile/Online Apps?

No, at the moment Mississippi does not have legalized online and mobile sports betting. You must be at an on-site casino to wager a bet. There is currently no estimated time for when mobile sports betting can be available.

Are There Retail Casinos In Mississippi?

There are retail casinos in Mississippi and it is the only way you can wager on on sports at the moment. There are over 20 retail casinos all over Mississippi. Some casinos are partnered with outside sportsbook companies to provide a product.

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Mississippi?

Yes, daily fantasy sports is legal in the state of Mississippi. They have always been legal and a bill was approved back in 2017 that would continue to allow daily fantasy sports despite the legality being questioned in the country.

Is DraftKings SportsBook In Mississippi?

DraftKings Sportsbook is partnered with partnered with Scarlet Pearl. They are not allowed to offer any mobile or online sports betting at the moment, but that could change in the future. DK is one of the top sportsbooks in the industry.

Is FanDuel Sportsbook In Mississippi?

FanDuel Sportsbook is currently not partnered with any retail casino in the state of Mississippi. There is a chance they are holding out until mobile betting is allowed, as there are plenty of retail casinos that need sportsbook partnerships.

When Is Mobile Sports Betting Coming To Mississippi?

It is unclear when mobile and online sports betting is coming to Mississippi. At the moment they are missing out on some revenue and no bills have come close to being signed that would allow mobile betting.

Can I Bet On College Sports In Mississippi?

Yes, anyone that is 21 years of age and older can wager on college sports at any of the retail locations. There is no live betting for college sports but Mississippi residents are also not limited to just out-of-state college betting.

Who Oversees Mississippi Sports Betting?

The Mississippi Gaming Commission is in charge of overseeing all the regulations and oversight of the industry. That means they examine the financials of operating and how and how many licenses are used. They would also oversee mobile betting once available.

What Are The Requirements To Bet In Mississippi?

To bet legally within the state of Mississippi you must be 21 years of age or older and also be present in Mississippi. Since there is no mobile betting, you will have to bet on the retail site locations anyway.

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