NASCAR Partners with Wynn Resorts

NASCAR and WynnBet formed a multi-year sports betting partnership on Friday. With the new partnership, NASCAR and WynnBet will create unique sports betting experiences for race fans across the U.S.

“We’re excited to partner with such a deeply experienced and innovative team to drive engagement and expand our sports betting offerings,” said Tim Clark, NASCAR’s senior vice president and chief digital officer. “Wynn is a trusted and iconic brand, and our new relationship advances NASCAR’s position in the rapidly evolving gaming space while delivering fans with yet another live-in race engagement tool.”

With the partnership of NASCAR and one of the biggest races of the year coming up in Martinsville, Virginia, WynnBet will apply to launch its mobile betting platform in the state. Virginia is only accepting 12 online sports betting applications to operate in the state.

Partnership Detail

The multi-year partnership will expand the types of bets racing fans can put on NASCAR events, including pre-race bets and in-race betting. NASCAR bets include winning drivers, driver matchups, and others. In 2021, WynnBet plans to expand that to in-race betting thanks to Genius Sports and Bet Genius.

Wynn will also get in-race data from NASCAR to allow for live betting on the sport and help create the best odds possible.

Thanks to passionate race fans in Virginia, WynnBet plans to expand its betting operations to the state. NASCAR will help grow its partner’s brand, which will help bring more eyeballs to the sport.

Richmond Raceway President Dennis Bickmeier said: “Richmond Raceway and WynnBET have several shared attributes. We are both strong, trustworthy brands that believe deeply in customer hospitality and creating incredible experiences. We wish the Wynn well in their future endeavors here in the great Commonwealth of Virginia and look forward to years of successful partnership.”

NASCAR saw growth thanks to sports betting this year. Earlier in 2020, NASCAR was one sport that could continue to race despite the coronavirus sweeping the nation thanks to social distancing. This brought more people to the sport as it was one of the few U.S. sports available to bet on.

How Does this Help NASCAR?

NASCAR gets another sports betting partner that could help grow its brand across the U.S. Sports betting has helped other sports gain more attraction when getting action on a game, or race, which will make people more interested in it.

Wynn plans to apply for a sports betting license in Virginia, which has strong racing ties. However, they can continue to expand to other states that also have strong racing ties. This will grow WynnBet and NASCAR as sports betting will attract more viewers a grow both businesses.

NASCAR is a very niche sport with a specific fan base. However, betting could change the game, bringing more casual bettors to the sport. Not to mention hardcore race fans will also want to get in on the action betting on their favorite drivers or betting with friends to see who they want to win.

Overall, the partnership feels like a win-win with both entities looking to capitalize on the new venture.

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