NBA & PointsBet Sportsbook Partnership: Live Win Probability % Leading to More Betting Integration?

The National Basketball Association announced a multiyear sports betting partnership with online sportsbook PointsBet. The deal includes the NBA’s first Win Probability Metric and will grant PointsBet Sportsbook access to official NBA league betting data. The Win probability metric will be integrated across select NBA platforms.

What The Deal Entails

PointsBet is now an authorized sports betting operator of the NBA. This deal marks the first partnership for PointsBet with a professional sports league in the United States. Under terms of the partnership, PointsBet will integrate the first-ever Win Probability Metric across certain NBA platforms. These platforms include as well as NBA social media channels. Powered by PointsBet, the Win Probability Metric will provide fans with real-time insight toward projected outcomes utilizing the same analytics and statistics that fuel the PointsBet sportsbook.

As most companies that partner with professional leagues attempt to do, PointsBet and the NBA will also work together on best-in-class practices in order to protect the integrity of NBA games.

What the NBA and PointsBet Have to Say

Johnny Aitken, CEO of PointsBet USA:

“As a tech company at heart, the PointsBet team is excited to work with a league as savvy and forward-thinking as the NBA. We’re certainly aligned in looking to present fans with the best experience possible, and we look forward to enhancing the sports betting aspect via the Win Probability Metric Powered by PointsBet.”

Scott Kaufman-Ross, Senior Vice President, Head of Fantasy & Gaming, NBA:

“We are thrilled to partner with PointsBet on its first U.S. sports league betting partnership, as they continue to grow their business throughout the U.S. PointsBet has a unique offering in the marketplace and we are excited to find new ways to engage with fans together.”

What Could This Lead to?

The Win Probability Metric that will be used between the NBA and PointsBet will be the first of its kind for a sportsbook but isn’t exactly the first one available to the public. While no other sportsbook currently provides this type of metric to bettors, ESPN is one site that offers win probability percentages for NBA and college basketball games via their Basketball Power Index.

This new information that will be available to bettors is more likely to influence casual bettors as opposed to experienced or professional bettors. Novice bettors may be more likely influenced to change their bets based on the Win Probability Metric for the particular game they are betting on. Experienced bettors are more likely to be confident in their own betting methods as opposed to letting this metric influence their opinion. However, any added data should be considered a benefit to any bettor as they choose whether or not to let it influence their betting style.

Other leagues could soon follow suit with PointsBet or another sportsbook operator who establish their own type of Win Probability Metric. In a growing business like the legal sports betting industry, companies will continue to try and match competition and any progressive moves they make. In such a competitive business, whichever sportsbooks offer bettors the most data and information possible will have an edge over the competition. Casual bettors will bet wherever they think they can get an informational advantage.

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