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We have compiled all the NBA Prop Bets available as shown on Bovada, the largest online sportsbook. NBA Prop bet availability varies by sportsbook and can vary by games. NBA props can be one of the most fun of all the major sports leagues due to the fast pace of play and how quickly things can change. Prop bets featured are game props and specific player props.

Game Props

Game props can vary by game but you can find everything from margin of victory props to if the game will in an odd or even score total. These props could also be tied to a certain event happening in either the 1st of 2nd half. Below is a list of common NBA game prop bets.

Odd/Even total points scored– Will the final point total be an odd or even number.

Odd/Even Total Points – First Half– Will the total after the first half be an even or odd number.

Will the game go to overtime? – Regulation Time– Will the game be tied at the end of regulation.

First team to reach 10 points– Who will reach 10 points first.

First team to reach 20 points– Who will reach 20 points first.

Winning Margin– What will be the winning margin or the winning team.

Team with Highest Scoring Quarter– Which team will score the most points in a single quarter.

Player Props

Player props have everything to do with the players participating in the game (mostly starters). They can deal with the amount of points, rebounds, or assists a certain player puts up or a combination of all three. It could also be between two players (ex. who will make more 3 pointers- Steph Curry or Damian Lillard). Below is a list of common NBA player props.

Total Points – (Insert Player)– Will a player score over or under a set point total.

Total Rebounds – (Insert Player)– Will a player get over or under a set rebound total.

Total Assists – (Insert Player)– Will a player get over or under a set assist total.

Total Points and Rebounds – (Insert Player)– How many combined points and rebounds will a player get.

Total Rebounds and Assists – (Insert Player)– How many combined rebounds and assists will a player get.

Total Points, Rebounds, and Assists – (Insert Player)– How many combined points, rebounds, and assists will a player get.

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