Nevada, New Jersey, & Colorado Bet The Most Per Person This Past Year

A new breakdown just been released on the highest sports betting handles per capita within the last year, and the results are defnitely interesting. Unsurprisingly, Nevada tops the list, as the state is most well known for its robust gambling scene.

However, looking down the list is where the handle per capita numbers begin to get more intriguing, especially with states that have only recently launched sports wagering.

Betting Handle Per Capita List Topped By Nevada, New Jersey, and Colorado

A new list by Sportingpedia has broken down the past year’s sports betting numbers in terms of overall handle per capita. This was done by taking the year’s total sports betting handle in the U.S. (a whopping $95.7 billion) and breaking it down by state population.

The time period for these numbers was over a twelve month period, with some states cut off by the end of January 2023 and others by the end of February 2023, depending on what numbers were available at the time of publishing. The Arizona numbers also only reflect the 2022 betting handle, as no further numbers have been released yet.

A number of states on the full list also either haven’t launched sports betting markets yet or only have sports wagering available at tribal casinos, which have not released betting handle numbers.

Nevada led the list by a large margin, with $2,686 wagered per capita. Next up on the list with less than half of Nevada’s handle is New Jersey, which averaged $1,138 per capita wagered. Following those top two were four major betting markets: Colorado ($883 per person), New York ($830 per person), Arizona ($820 per person), and Illinois ($791 per person).

New York stands out as an interesting state, as it led the U.S. with a betting handle in that timeframe of $1.4 billion. The New York sports betting market launched on January 8th, 2022, so this provides a partial snapshot of the state’s first full year of mobile sports betting.

Recently Launched Betting Market Rankings

Plenty of other states rolled out legal sports wagering in 2022, and each one is scattered in the rankings. Louisiana sports betting also rolled out in January of 2022, and the Bayou State ranks 13th on the list with $544 wagered per capita. Kansas sports betting launched just in time for the start of the NFL season on September 1st, 2022, and is 17th on the Sportpedia list with an average of $379 wagered.

Maryland sports betting came in at 20th with $276 per capita, with the market launching on November 23rd, 2022. Ohio sports betting, which became available on January 1st, 2023, came in at 24th in the U.S. with a final average number of $95. And the most recent launch of Massachusetts sports betting (March 10th, 2023) has the state ranked at 29th with $4 per person.

The last few states should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, considering their sports betting markets have not been available for a full year at the time the list was published.

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