New England Patriots Super Bowl Odds 2022

New England Patriots Super Bowl Odds 2022

ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) is giving the rookie-led New England Patriots a 38.4% chance of edging the Bills this week and advancing to the divisional round of the playoffs. The low percentage could be because they’ve lost three of their last four games one of which was against the Bills or because Mac Jones has looked more like a rookie in the last few weeks than he has all year. They certainly need a momentum shift if they will take down the Bills, who are on a hot streak.

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When the Patriots played the Bills in week 13, their offense exploited every weakness in the Bills solid defense. Mac Jones threw the ball three times, forcing the Bills to stop their run game. They didn’t. The Patriots had 222 yards on the ground, half of which were thanks to Damien Harris and did just enough on offense to beat the Bills 14-10. That game would be the end of their seven-game winning streak that put them at the top of the AFC East. They came back from a bye week in week 14 to lose three of their last four games. When they hosted the Bills in week 16, they told a very different story. The Bills didn’t allow them to run the ball as much, forcing Jones to throw the ball and it didn’t go well. In fact it was Jones’ worst showing of the season by far. He had a 44% completion rate with two interceptions and zero touchdowns. Given how well their game plan worked last time, the Bills will likely force him to throw again, so hopefully Jones is more prepared this time around. 

They are coming off a loss to Miami going into this game when they realistically should have won. But like we have seen more than once this year, New England came in looking flat and unmotivated. At one point they were losing 0-17 before they kicked it into gear and put points on the board. They also forfeited 78 yards in penalties and 195 yards on the ground, both of which need to diminish greatly to be a long run playoff contender. 

Mac Jones is certainly proving doubters and Tom Brady lovers wrong as the best rookie quarterback this year by far. It’s impressive to even be in his position in his first year. That being said, he is still a rookie and has made mistakes to prove that, which make his Super Bowl appearance chances quite slim. If they do edge the Bills as the underdog and make the divisional round, the FPI gives them a 19.6% chance to make the conference championship. If the Chiefs beat the Steelers and the Patriots beat the Bills this week, then this team will have the Titans to deal with in the divisional round before getting to the conference championship. The FPI gives this team a 9.5% chance to make the Super Bowl and a 4.4% chance to take home the Lombardi trophy.

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