New York Giants Super Bowl Odds 2023

New York Giants Super Bowl Odds 2023

Expectations for the Giants were not very high heading into Brian Daboll’s first season. While the product on the field was expected to be better, the talent gap between New York and the top teams in the NFC East was too great for the Giants’ Super Bowl odds to be in the top half of the league. 

While the team is far from perfect, the Giants have beaten just about all expectations instead. A 7-2 start put New York in position for a return to the playoffs, with a great running game and strong defense propelling the Giants’ Super Bowl odds closer to the top than anyone expected. After a late-season slide, where do the Giants’ odds stand now?

New York Giants Team Future Odds

The Giants’ Super Bowl odds rapidly improved early in the season but have tanked again following some late-season struggles. Is there any value left to be had with this team?

Giants Odds Analysis

The Giants started the season 6-1, against all odds, and the biggest reason their Super Bowl odds improved – aside from getting into playoff position – was that some of their wins were coming against impressive teams. Victories over the Titans, Ravens, and Packers were all viewed as significant upsets at the time.

Daniel Jones has done a great job of avoiding costly turnovers even with virtually nothing in his receiving corps, while Saquon Barkley returned to his rookie season form early in the year. Don Martindale’s defense looked more like the 2020 Giants than the 2021 Giants, playing with energy and closing out a few close games.

It typically takes that kind of defense to win in the playoffs. But what about the offense? The Giants are barely clinging to a playoff spot down the stretch because Barkley hasn’t been nearly as efficient and the offense can’t rely on the passing game. Unfortunately, New York’s passing game is unlikely to take off this year. As solid as Jones has been, potentially even earning himself a fifth season with the Giants, it’s almost impossible to function well with such an empty collection of weapons and a shaky offensive line.

The Giants play smart football under Daboll, but their offense would have an extremely difficult time against the front sevens of the 49ers, Cowboys, or Eagles in the playoffs. That, along with uncertainty surrounding whether they’ll even reach the playoffs, would be why New York’s Super Bowl odds rank below some teams not currently in playoff position, including the Lions and Seahawks – two teams that have much more stable passing games.

Reasons Why the Giants Can Win the Super Bowl

  • Don Martindale has the defense outperforming expectations
  • Saquon Barkley is a threat to take over any game
  • The Giants rarely quit under Brian Daboll

Reason Why the Giants Can’t Win the Super Bowl

  • Daniel Jones has very few reliable receiving options
  • The Giants’ offensive line has struggled against tough defenses
  • Saquon Barkley’s efficiency has dipped in the middle of the season
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