New York Jets Super Bowl Odds 2023

The current New York Jets Super Bowl odds are . The Jets have been noted to be one of the worst teams in the NFL over the past few years. There has been an eleven-year playoff drought for the Jets since the 2010 season. Last season, the Jets were in the bottom five teams in the league with only four wins. At the start of last season, there was not much hope of the Jets advancing through the ranks since they started with +10000 odds to win the Super Bowl. The New York Jets Super Bowl odds have not changed and remain at +10000 despite having a strong draft class. The Jets have a lot to prove and a lot of room to improve if they want to compete in a growingly challenging AFC East division and league.

New York Jets Super Bowl Odds & Futures 2022-2023

Despite a highly touted draft and exciting young roster, the Jets have definitively the longest odds to win the AFC East. While their hope for the playoffs this year look grim, their future is certainly bright. As we saw with the Bengals last year, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see this team take a massive leap forward in year 2.

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New York Jets Super Bowl Odds Analysis

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The New York Jets have a dismal record over the last decade as they try to make moves to turn around their team entering the 2022 season. The offense of the Jets was restructured around their first-round pick in the 2021 NFL draft, Zach Wilson. Wilson was in his rookie season at the start of last year and struggled to find his confidence. He threw for 2,334 yards in 13 games, missing four games due to injury. Wilson is a very young quarterback out of BYU who has the potential to elevate this team but needs a better offensive line to protect him. Wilson was sacked 44 times throughout his first season, which is some of the worst protection the league has seen. The draft picks of the Jets did not serve as a spot to enhance the offensive line, but the current line they have may be able to show improvement with their experience with Wilson.

In the 2022 NFL draft, the New York Jets had three first-round picks, including the fourth, tenth, and 26th overall picks. With their first selection, the Jets picked up Ahmad Gardner, the cornerback from Cincinnati. They picked up two defensive ends to finish out their defense and then picked up a wide receiver, running back, tight end, and offensive tackle. These picks are going to help push the Jets in a positive direction in fixing the offensive flaws and focusing on building the defense. The structure of the Jets is not looking perfect, but this is shaping up to be a great rebuilding year as the Jets continue to try to make their way through the AFC East.


Reasons Why the New York Jets Can and Can’t Win the Super Bowl


  • The Jets were noted to have one of the best draft classes in the league
  • The offensive line is finally starting to fill out
  • Receiving core is up and coming


  • There are still some gaps in the secondary
  • Every competitor in the AFC East stepped it up this year, so division play will be extra difficult this season
  • Quarterback Zach Wilson and Coach Robert Saleh are still unproven
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