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Super Bowl 55 Opening Lines

Super Bowl 55 is now just a couple of days away as the Kansas City Chiefs will look for their second-straight Super Bowl as they take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The first lines for the game came out on the night of January 24th. For most sportsbooks, the lines haven’t seen any major moves, but they have seen a number of small moves in both directions.

When the lines for the game were first posted between 10:30 – 11:00 PM on the night of January 24th, most major sportsbooks had the Chiefs as 3.5-point favorites. A select few had the spread as high as four in the Chiefs’ favor. As for the total, that was set at 56.5 for most of those books, with the highest opening total spotted at 57.5.

Super Bowl 55 Bet Handle & Percentage At Major Sportsbooks

With more and more states legalizing sports betting and more sportsbooks opening in these states, this is expected to be the most bet Super Bowl of all-time. As you can imagine, major sportsbooks across the country have been seeing floods of money pouring in on both sides. Not only are the Chiefs and Bucs each getting plenty of money put on them, but prop bets are also getting hammered as well.

The money will continue to pour in on both sides as we get closer to the game. For now, here is where the money is sitting at these major US sportsbooks.

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*As of 2/4/21

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Spread -3

Chiefs – 48% of Handle/70% of Bets
Buccaneers – 52% of Handle/30% of Bets


Chiefs – 49% of Handle/43% of Bets
Buccaneers – 51% of Handle/57% of Bets

Total 56

Over – 74% of Handle/71% of Bets
Under – 26% of Handle/29% of Bets

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Spread -3

Chiefs – 90% of Handle/77% of Bets
Buccaneers – 10% of Handle/23% of Bets


Chiefs – 44% of Handle/43% of Bets
Buccaneers – 56% of Handle/57% of Bets

Total 56

Over – 76% of Handle/76% of Bets
Under – 24% of Handle/24% of Bets

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Spread -3

Chiefs – 47% of Handle/60% of Bets
Buccaneers – 53% of Handle/40% of Bets

Total 56

Over – 67% of Handle/69% of Bets
Under – 33% of Handle/31% of Bets

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Super Bowl 55 Lines Now And Where They Will Likely Close

Since the opening Super Bowl 55 lines came out back on January 24th, there hasn’t been too much significant change. However, there has been slight movement in both directions at most major sportsbooks.

The Chiefs opened as 3.5-point favorites at most sportsbooks. In the past 12 days since the line came out, we have seen that number drop to three and then move back up to 3.5 again. Now, as of Friday, the line is sitting on the key number of Chiefs-3 for most sportsbooks, with a select few still sitting at Chiefs-3.5.

While a lot of money has already come in, there is still plenty more than will be bet between now and kickoff. That, of course, means that there is potential for this line to still move in either direction. However, don’t bank on it. Unless we see some very lopsided wagers coming in on one side late, it is unlikely that sportsbooks will want to move from the key number of -3.

So for those who want to back the Chiefs, -3 is likely the best you will be seeing. For Tampa Bay bettors, seek out those +3.5 books while they still exist.

As for the total, we saw that open at a pretty high number of 56.5 at most books, and even one book went as high as to open a full point higher at 57.5. As expected, that number has since come down a little bit. Unlike the spread, which has moved 0.5 in both directions at one point or another, the total has been relatively consistent in dropping with little to no movement up at most books.

As of Friday, the total is sitting at an even 56 at most books, with a select few offering as little as 55.5 and about as many offering 56.5. Like the spread, don’t expect to see books move too much from another key number like 56, which is eight touchdowns and eight extra points. So under bettors should be seeking out those 56.5 lines while over bettors will benefit from finding any 55.5 lines that they can find.

The Super Bowl is the most bet event in the United States every year and by a large margin. With so much money on the line and large quantities coming in daily, any movement in any direction could be possible. Having said that, it is unlikely that the majority of books will want to move on from those key numbers of -3 and 56 (unless, of course, they take a ton of late action on one side).

The current line at most sportsbooks as of Friday, February 5th, is likely to be the closing lines come kickoff on Sunday.

Projected Closing Lines:

Spread: Chiefs-3
Total: 56
Moneyline: Chiefs-160/Bucs+140

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