NFL Team Playoff Odds 2021-22

Every year one of the most popular future bets in the sports betting world is on each team’s chances for the NFL Playoffs. You can find some of the best NFL Playoff odds pricing using our odds table! The way that these bets work is extremely simple. For each team, you can either wager on them to make the playoffs or wager on the team to miss the playoffs. Each team will have odds present for each selection, and you can create tons of different bets with these odds. You can even create parlays by betting on multiple teams at once.

2021 Season

There is a lot to remember about the 2021 season. First of all, the NFL is continuing the previous years’ playoff format by having 3 wild card teams and only a single team with a BYE. This means that 14 total teams, 7 from each conference, will be in the playoffs.

Another major note is the 17th game that will be played this year. This 17th game is a cross-conference game where the AFC will be the home team in every single iteration. However, the most important thing to see here is the matchups. 1st seeds will be play 1st seeds, like the Packers at the Chiefs. This means that teams who finished lower in the division last year will have another game that should make the schedule easier versus teams that finished higher in the division.

All of these changes will completely change how the odds look on DraftKings Sportsbook and every sportsbook offering NFL Playoff future odds. The 18-week schedule will be new, and people will have to get used to the new BYE system, as well as the new schedule format. This could lead to some values as bookmakers get used to the new system.

Value Playoff Bets

These are some of the wagers that come off as values to me early on in training camp. These odds and situations might change as the season goes along.

To Make the Playoffs

washington football teamWashington Football Team

The Washington Football Team is my favorite team to wager on, going into the 2021 NFL Season. The reason for this is the dominant defense that has been built in Washington. This is a front four that is made up entirely of 1st round selections, 1st round selections that have lived up to the hype. Then, the secondary has gotten stronger and deeper with the offseason moves made this year. Not to mention that the team filled their one defensive hole at middle linebacker with 2021 first-round selection, Jamin Davis, my second-rated linebacker of the class.

Of course, the team still needs to score points, and it will. The team has weapons all over the field with Antonio Gibson, Terry McLaurin, Logan Thomas, and Curtis Samuel. These guys are bonafide playmakers. The team also added Dyami Brown, a great deep threat, in the 3rd round of the draft. The line also saw improvements with the 2nd round selection of Samuel Cosmi, an offensive tackle, and the signing of Charles Leno Jr.

While the team has lost Ryan Fitzpatrick, Taylor Heinke looks just as capable behind center. Heinke has acted in the gunslinger role and carried the team to a victory against Atlanta. The biggest thing for this team is to get their defense back together.

jacksonville jaguarsJacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are a value bet through and through. The AFC South is probably the worst division in football. The Houston Texans are awful and will not have Watson this season. Then, the Colts and Titans both have tons of question marks on their squad. The hope when wagering this bet is either Urban Meyer gets fired, or there is a miracle turnaround. In both scenarios, the wager is really on the Colts and Titans continuing to play horribly, more than it is on the Jaguars to play well.

The big key will be the growth of Trevor Lawrence. Can he have a fantastic second-half to lead this team to a 8-9 or even 7-10 season, and sneak the Jaguars into the playoffs.

To Miss the Playoffs

seattle seahawksSeattle Seahawks

The first bet that stands out as a value for missing the playoffs is the Seahawks. Last year the team was able to get in due to several factors in the NFC West. The first is that the 49ers were devastated by injuries and poor QB play. The second was the terrible game management by Jared Goff and the Rams, something that Stafford will fix as he turns a weak spot into a strength.

I am extremely worried about Seattles’ defense which gets worse and worse every year. With no cap space and only three picks, the Seahawks focused on grabbing a wide receiver in the draft and did nothing to fix the massive needs at every level of the D.

While the offense has another weapon with D’Wayne Eskridge, the offensive line is still one of the worst in football. We saw what constant pressure did to Russell Wilson last year, as it eventually led to him being tired late in the season and unable to overcome the glaring need for protection.

indianpolis coltsIndianapolis Colts

The Colts are many people’s favorite to come out of the AFC South; however, I can see many scenarios in which the Colts miss out on the playoffs entirely. If the team does not win the division, it is not out of the question that the team misses the wild card spot due to the fact that the Dolphins, Browns, and Chargers or Broncos (pending a Rodgers trade) should all finish with a great record.

You must consider that the Colts have to play the entire NFC West, easily the best division in football, and play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the 17th game. This schedule will not be easy, and it will make it difficult for any AFC South team to steal a wild card position.

There are two teams in this division that can steal the AFC South title away from the Colts. The first is the Jaguars, and the second is the Titans. Both of these teams are talented and could easily win the division with some tough losses for the Colts.

Any odds longer than +120 seem like a good value to me on the Colts to miss the playoffs. I think that the Titans and Jaguars are underrated, and I doubt a wildcard position will go to any team in the AFC South.

Matthew is a UC Berkeley economic and philosophy graduate. He has played DFS, Football pools, and survival leagues for most of his adult life. Matthew brings to the table great strategies for both your GPP and Cash plays as well as a winning track record with his picks of the week.

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