NFL Week 2 Odds and Lookahead Lines: Four Bets to Make This Weekend

Get a jump on NFL Week 2 odds & lookahead lines, along with four bets to place before lines begin to move for next week. Find updated NFL Week 2 odds below.

Week 2 NFL Odds & Lines

Lookahead NFL odds & Lines for Week 2

NFL Week 2 Betting Picks

Football is back, and there’s no doubt Week 1 will deliver its share of storylines. What we already know is that there will be plenty of overreactions after Week 1. Some might turn out to be fair, but all could have an impact on betting lines for Week 2 games.

Let’s take a look at the early Week 2 odds and which bets to place early.

Washington Commanders (+4) vs. Denver Broncos

The Commanders are set up very well in Week 1, facing a Cardinals team that has what decisively looks like the worst roster in the NFL. A comfortable Washington win is likely and might inspire some confidence for bettors ahead of Week 2 – especially if the team’s biggest question, Sam Howell, performs well.

Will that be enough to move this line to a field goal or less? The Broncos never won by double-digits last season, so having them favored by more than a field goal is a leap of faith in Sean Payton’s ability to transform their offense.

If Denver struggles to find an offensive rhythm against a bad Raiders defense in Week 1, there will be loud concerns that the Broncos aren’t turning the ship around as quickly as many believed. That could be enough to narrow this line and take some of the value off of a gritty Commanders team.

Pittsburgh Steelers Moneyline (-115) vs. Cleveland Browns

The Steelers tend to perform well in Week 1. They handled business against the Bills in 2021 and held off the Bengals in 2022. Pittsburgh might be set up for similar success against the 49ers this year, with a young quarterback high on confidence and a defense equipped to handle a San Francisco offense that might not have George Kittle. That could be enough to move this line further in the Steelers’ favor.

The Browns haven’t won a regular season game in Pittsburgh since 2003. Cleveland has a solid roster all-around, but with a Week 1 loss more likely than not against the Bengals and questions about whether Deshaun Watson can morph back into the quarterback he once was, -115 feels like the best bettors might get on the Steelers.

Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The Ravens played the Bengals closely last season, with a roster that just wasn’t as strong as this year’s. The playoff game on the road was a reminder that the Ravens can win the AFC North at full strength. Even in Cincinnati, I’m not sure this line will last favoring the Bengals by more than a field goal.

This is a Bengals team that started slow last season and is still getting Joe Burrow up to speed after he missed most of training camp. It wouldn’t be surprising if Cincinnati gets into a tight battle with the Browns in Cleveland in Week 1.

The Ravens, on the other hand, are locked and loaded to roll past the Texans at home. Week 1 doesn’t look like a game Baltimore will have to worry about, and there’s much more risk that the Bengals hurt their standing. It seems like this line could settle a point or two closer than it is right now. Ravens -3.5 is a smart play until then.

Green Bay Packers Moneyline (+105) vs. Atlanta Falcons

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the Falcons this season, and it’s understandable. They’ll play more than half of their schedule against the South divisions and boast a terrific offensive line, strong running game, and improved defense. They can win games against subpar quarterbacks this year.

What if Jordan Love is more than that? All it would take to move this line in Green Bay’s favor is a solid start from Love in Week 1, erasing some of the uncertainty about his ability. Love has a decently soft landing spot against the Bears’ defense, albeit on the road.

The Falcons have QB questions of their own. If their game against the Panthers is a complete slog and Ridder doesn’t look trustworthy, smart money will be on Love and the Packers – potentially with Christian Wats

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