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New to the Lottery Game, But Growing Fast – The North

With a passionate resistance within North Carolina against any form of gambling, many were surprised when legislators were able to pass a bill to allow lottery sales. There is an interesting story behind how North Carolina came about. North Carolina’s lottery vote was so close; it actually forced the assembly rules for a tiebreaker.

North Carolina may have been somewhat late to the game, as state-run lotteries go, but the Tar Heel state has made up ground fast. Let’s take a look at how one of the states deemed least likely to launch a lottery got started. We’ll discuss promotions to take advantage of, plus a few of the popular games you can play on the North Carolina Lottery.

North Carolina Lottery History

North Carolina 1North Carolina makes it blatantly clear what their objective is with the revenue generated by a state lottery. The naming of the entity was deemed critical to the state’s residents accepting a lottery in light of a perceived resistance to gambling.

Up until 2005, North Carolina was the only state on the eastern seaboard without a lottery. Oddly enough, the passing of the legislation to allow for a referendum was clouded in mystery.

Conveniently or not, two of the ranking members of the legislation who opposed the lottery were absent on the day of the vote. The bill passed by one single vote. The state constitutional tiebreaker vote from the Lieutenant Governor was required to decide the outcome.

Immediately, lawmakers worked to reduce the stigma that was attached to how the state’s lottery became legal. The name of the government-based commission to oversee all lottery operations was agreed to be the North Carolina Education Lottery.

True to its name, the NCEL charter includes a mandate that 100 percent of lottery profits go directly to the state’s education fund. Since 2005, the intentions of those lawmakers who felt adamant about the viability of a profitable lottery in North Carolina have had their visions supported by facts.

The North Carolina Lottery has infused over $5 billion into North Carolina education. However, the road hasn’t always been a smooth one. In 2009, there was a shortfall in the North Carolina government budget.

Now the governor, Bev Perdue, the original deciding vote that passed the legislation, withheld money from the lottery proceeds to help fill voids in the North Carolina budget. While necessary, the move was controversial.

Within 30-days, North Carolina’s talked about removing the word education out of the NCEL. The bill did not even make it for a vote. However, the North Carolina Lottery has endured and continues to pump money into the state’s education system.

Despite being one of the newer state lotteries in years of operation, North Carolina was close to cracking the top 10 in total revenue in 2019. North Carolina lawmakers also surprised lottery players with an online play option for four major draw games.

There are expectations that reworked legislation could soon allow a select number of instant games online as well. Now, let’s look at some North Carolina Lottery promotions and a few exciting games you can play.

North Carolina Lottery Bonuses and Promotions

The North Carolina Lottery doesn’t have a promo code or posted welcome bonus for new registrations. However, there are a number of ongoing events and specials that only someone with a North Carolina Lottery account can take advantage of.

The first perk of having an account comes from a new program called Lucke-Rewards. Players can use the barcode from tickets to check for winners or enter them in second-chance drawings. You will also earn points the more you play North Carolina Lottery games.

The Lucke-Rewards program adds points to your account for referring friends as well. Maybe the most exciting part of the North Carolina Lottery Lucke-Rewards is the special drawings that are only available to account holders who take part in the program.

North Carolina Lottery Rewards

These drawings are held weekly and monthly, plus for special events. When you sign up for a North Carolina Lottery account, download the free app, you can scan your tickets to check for winners. In addition, you can purchase your jackpot winners for three national draw games and the popular Carolina Cash 5™.

Favorite North Carolina Lottery Games and Prizes

The North Carolina Lottery sells thousands of tickets each week for the Powerball™ and Mega Millions™ drawings. Lucky For Life is another lottery player favorite, along with the Carolina Cash 5™.

These games are popular because of life-changing potential jackpots, plus they can be purchased online with a North Carolina Lottery account. Another game that is growing in popularity is the Carolina Keno with Multiplier.

There is some sense that this game may be one of a block of games soon available online to North Carolina Lottery Players. One game that will grow into a favorite is the new Fast Play Progressive.

North Carolina Lottery Online Games

Six new games have just launched in this category. There is the $2 Lucky Clover, $2 Classic Bingo, $5 Rockin’ Bingo, plus three Jackpot 7s tickets from $2 to $10. Fast Play Progressive is a rolling jackpot that grows with every ticket purchased.

Each jackpot starts out at $20,000 and grows. Once a winner is announced, the particular game will go back to the $20,000 top prize and begin to grow again. The North Carolina Lottery is constantly launching new games.

It’s easy to follow new game announcements from the website with your North Carolina Lottery account. One wildly popular new game is the Carolina Black Millionaire Edition. This is a $10 scratch-off game that will pay five $1,000,000 jackpots.

There are over 50 exciting scratch-off games sold by the North Carolina Lottery. Ticket costs range from $1 to $30. Make sure you register for a new account and download the North Carolina Lottery app so you can check tickets and take advantage of second-chance drawings.

North Carolina Scratch Offs

Frequently Asked Questions

If a player is not from North Carolina, can they still use Online Play?

Yes. The North Carolina Lottery allows for anyone to register for a free online account. However, players must be inside the state borders to purchase tickets legally, or make deposits into their account. The North Carolina Lottery requires geolocation to be activated for this purpose.

Does the North Carolina Lottery have an app?

Yes. The North Carolina Lottery has a mobile app available for Apple devices from the App Store. Android users can download the app on the North Carolina Lottery website. Tickets for available online games can also be purchased by signing in from a desktop and using the lottery’s website.

What is the North Carolina Educational Lottery Dream Makers?

North Carolina Lottery Dream Makers is an initiative that words to connect lottery players directly with the process of selecting new games, products, promotions and other services. Original North Carolina Lottery Loyalty Program members were randomly given invitations to join the panel.

How long does it take for deposits to become available on the North Carolina Lottery?

Deposits made using a debit card or from a PayPal account should be available immediately upon confirmation of the transaction. ACH Bank Transfers may become available immediately as well, if they are accepted. ACH Bank Transfers may take 2-3 days to post on the bank account.

Are there limits on deposits and withdraws from a North Carolina Lottery account?

There are limits on making deposits into a North Carolina Lottery account. Players can deposit up to $505 per day, $2,000 per week, and $5,000 each month. There are no maximum limits on account withdrawals, but the minimum withdrawal is $10.

What lottery games can you play online in North Carolina?

According to the Lottery’s website, you can currently play any one of Carolina Cash 5, Luck for Life, Powerball, or the Mega Millions online. All other games will have to be purchased through a retailer in the state in order to play.

Do I have to play online with the North Carolina lottery?

No! All games offered online are also offered in-person. The mobile application and website for the North Carolina Lottery are simply options to wager. There is nothing requiring you to do anything online for the lottery games in the state.

What is the legal age to purchase lottery games online in North Carolina?

You can play lottery games at 18 years of age, and that includes online lottery games! The lottery age for all games in-person and online is 18, while the betting age for casinos and sports wagering is 21 in the state of North Carolina.

Where do I go to claim prizes?

You can claim prizes of under $600 at retailers, claim centers, or by mail. However, for anything over that amount and under $100k, you cannot go to a retailer. Over $100k, you must go to the lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

Where does Lottery money go in North Carolina?

Lottery money in North Carolina primarily goes to education, as the name would lead one to believe. Over $729 million has been raised for Education, according to the Lottery’s website. This money has gone to children all over the state.

North Carolina Lottery App Review
NC Lottery Logo 300x150

Name: North Carolina Lottery App

Description: The North Carolina Lottery is a large source of income for education in the state. The program now has an online site as well as a mobile app for those of you who want to play without leaving the house. The app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Matthew Amato

  • Online Lottery Options
  • Easy of Use
  • Design
  • Scanning Tickets


The North Carolina Lottery app needs a few touch-ups, and it could be one of the best lottery apps. The ease of use factor needs upgrading, like adding a touch ID feature. While you can play draw games online, there are no instant-win games available. This would be a nice plus. The ticket scanner can also be finicky and needs to be upgraded.

Well Done

  • Drawing games
  • Check your results
  • Locate local retailers
  • Good user-interface on the app

Needs Help

  • No touch ID
  • No instant-win games
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