Odds to Win 2019 NBA Championship

Golden State Warriors (-200)

Toronto Raptors (+850)

Milwaukee Bucks (+1000)

Houston Rockets (+1400)

Philadelphia 76ers (+1400)

Boston Celtics (+1600)

Denver Nuggets (+2500)

Oklahoma City Thunder (+2800)

Los Angeles Lakers (+3000)

San Antonio Spurs (+6000)

Utah Jazz (+6000)

Charlotte Hornets (+9000)

Indiana Pacers (+9000)

Brooklyn Nets (+10000)

Detroit Pistons (+10000)

Minnesota Timberwolves (+10000)

Portland Trail Blazers (+10000)

Miami Heat (+12500)

Dallas Mavericks (+15000)

Los Angeles Clippers (+15000)

Sacramento Kings (+15000)

Washington Wizards (+15000)

New Orleans Pelicans (+20000)

Orlando Magic (+20000)

Memphis Grizzlies (+75000)

Atlanta Hawks (+2000000)

Chicago Bulls (+500000)

Cleveland Cavaliers (+5000000)

New York Knicks (+500000)


Golden State Warriors - No surprise here as Golden State tops the list of championship favorites. We can look at the issues they have had this season, but come playoff time we know things will be right. The Warriors currently lead the West, although Denver is close behind. This is a team that has dominated at home in the playoffs, and home court running through the bay is not where teams want to play. Looking at potential playoff first round matchup opponents, San Antonio, Utah, Los Angeles Clippers, and Sacramento are all likely opponents. Would be no issue for the Warriors. Moving into the second and third rounds are where we could see a push, especially if Houston matches up with them.

Next In Line

Houston Rockets - Houston sits with the fourth best odds to win the Finals. Post All-Star Break they hit a stride, and they have gotten much healthier. With Chris Paul rounding into form, this is the same team that forced Golden State to seven games, and had them on the ropes too. P.J. Tucker is the dirty work player who gels the team, and an improved Clint Capela could be a real difference maker. Because they would likely have to go through Golden State and another tough opponent, they sit behind Milwaukee and Toronto. Vegas believes that they have better odds of taking it down and making it through the East. If Houston is healthy, there could be fireworks in the West.

Milwaukee Bucks - Toronto is the favorite to win the Eastern Conference at the moment, which puts Milwaukee third overall behind them and Golden State. The Bucks have made some quality moves, like adding Nikola Mirotic as an off the bench scorer. The Bucks continue to be one of the more consistent teams in the league, and have dominated the conference. Milwaukee is another intriguing bet from the east, as they are pushing nearly 25 wins against teams .500 and above. Mike Budenholzer has this team top five in defensive efficiency, and they boast the third best rebounding rate. Both are massive improvement from last season.

Outside Looking In

Boston Celtics - Between the Kyrie Irving drama and falling well under expectations, the Celtics have the sixth best odds to win it all. This is going to be an enticing bet for many as they were chosen at the beginning of the year to be the ones to rival Golden State. These odds are also fresh off a Boston blowout win over Golden State at the Oracle. Boston is still a deep team with a strong all-around game. They can push anyone in the league in a seven game series, as they just need to a better mindset and hit a stride heading into the playoffs. Look out for Boston to make a deep run in the Eastern Conference, even if they don't have home court.

Denver Nuggets - Weird to call the team with the fourth best record in the league a dark horse, but the Nuggets aren't getting much love. They sit at +2500, which is the seventh highest. To put that in perspective, the Los Angeles Lakers are +3000. Denver now has the team they expected to have last season with Paul Millsap fully healthy again. It might be the fact they have Houston and Golden State to deal with, or that it is a young team, but they sit as a dark horse to take down the West and push an Eastern Conference team in the Finals. Nikola Jokic is playing tremendous basketball, and they are getting some health at the wing and guard.

Jason Guilbault has been writing and podcasting in the fantasy sports world for over five years. You can find his work at The Fake Baseball and Daily Fantasy Cafe. He is an avid Tottenham fan, and follows the Boston sports teams. When he isn’t diving into stats, he is enjoying the outdoors or down at the local brewery.