Odds to Win 2019 NBA Championship

Via FanDuel Sportsbook, here are the latest Odds to win the 2019 NBA Championship. With just three teams remaining, we are winding down the NBA season. Golden State has already advanced to their fifth straight finals, while Milwaukee and Toronto are still battling it out in the Eastern Conference Finals. As we examine the final three teams left standing, it is about seeing who can take down Golden State. The Kevin Durant injury will throw a wrench into the current odds, and any news might sway them a bit. You also will want to check back in when an Eastern team has been crowned as odds will change when the matchup is set. Want next year’s future odds, click – 2020 Odds to Win NBA Championship Title.

nba odds to win 2019 championship

Golden State Warriors

golden state warriorsThe Warriors are sitting as the favorites to win, which they have been all year and were favorites before the season even started. Sure, Los Angeles pushed them to six games, but then they showed they were the class of the Western Conference still. They beat Houston and took the series even after Kevin Durant went down with a calf injury. A four-game sweep of Portland just made us remember how good this team is, even without Durant. The injury news for Durant will shift the odds a bit if they say he will return for the finals. Despite them winning without him, this team gets more dominant with Durant on the court. No matter who wins the Eastern Conference, the Warriors won’t have home court advantage in the finals.

Milwaukee Bucks

milwaukee bucksMilwaukee has an advantage against Toronto in the series, and remain favorites to be the team who moves on and faces Golden State in the finals. Overall these teams have shown the ability to get to the finals, but defeating Golden State in a seven game series is a whole different animal. The Bucks have a bit more depth and scoring, which is where they have the advantage over a team like Toronto. Outside of Pascal Siakam and Kawhi Leonard, there hasn’t been much production. Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most dominant players in the league. His play against Golden State would be very enticing if the names of Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe can get going. The Bucks still stand the best chance to move on.

Toronto Raptors

toronto raptorsToronto was a team that had high odds, but they didn’t make many believers. Kawhi Leonard looks healthy and has been dominating. Pascal Siakam has put himself in the most improved category. The issue with the Raptors is the scoring and consistent production from the bench. The bench was once a strong suit, but has fallen off. Kyle Lowry continues his struggles in the postseason, and this might be the final straw for Lowry in Toronto. They fall in third behind the rest, as they have a tough hill to climb. However, you have to say even if they make it, they look like a poorer match to take them down. Milwaukee still checks more boxes in terms of possibly taking down the giants.

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