Ohio Professional Sports Want Piece of Sports Betting Pie

Ohio 1Lawmakers in the state of Ohio continue to work on getting sports betting legalized, but the legislature is running out of time in a hurry. Sports betting has dominated the conversation since the beginning of 2021, but it doesn’t appear that a deal is close.

Professional sports teams in the state of Ohio have now given their support to the legalization of this industry, and this could be the push that is needed. This same thing has occurred in other states throughout the US, and lawmakers have used this to gain support.

Not only do these professional teams want the industry legalized, but they also want a piece of the action. The Memorial Tournament has joined the eight professional teams in the state, and they seek to get retail sports betting approved at their stadiums and venues.

This coalition is also seeking for the number of available licenses to be set at just 20, with only casinos and racinos having the opportunity to apply for a license. This would still create a competitive market but would allow the pro teams to benefit by offering betting on-site.

This proposal is expected to be included in a bill set to be introduced soon, but it won’t be the only bill being brought to the table.

In Favor of Official League Data

nfl logo 100If sports betting is coming to the state of Ohio, then these professional leagues also want to be protected. This coalition is pushing lawmakers to require the use of official league data by operators that are taking bets on their leagues.

This will help the league ensure that their games are being protected and that nothing is being done to hurt the integrity of the games. This will also require sportsbook operators to form a partnership with the professional teams in the state, sending money back to the franchises.

Teams Also Want Specific Regulator

Lawmakers in the state of Ohio have also not been able to agree on a group to regulate and oversee the sports betting industry. One set of lawmakers wants the Ohio Lottery to be in charge, while the other group prefers the Ohio Casino Control Commission.

The professional teams in the state just might help decide this problem as well as this coalition has plenty of power. The professional teams in the state prefer that the Ohio Casino Control Commission be put in charge of the potential new industry.

Ohio Fair Gaming Commission Offers Unique Proposal

Another group, the “Ohio Fair Gaming Commission,” is pushing to create a wide-open sport betting market in the state. This group worries that a monopoly could be created by limiting licenses and wants to have several groups of businesses in the state a chance to get in on the action.

The Ohio Fair Gaming Commission proposes that any business that currently offers keno gaming or lottery games could apply for a sports betting license. A self-serve kiosk could be established at these businesses, and a small portion of the winnings would stay with the small businesses.

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