Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Championship Odds 2022-23

The current Oklahoma City Thunder NBA championship odds are . Although they owned the 4th worst record at 24-58, the Thunder lucked into the 2nd overall selection. Through a draft day trade, Presti also acquired the 11th pick from the New York Knicks. In total, Oklahoma City walked away with four intriguing rookies, including two-way center Chet Holmgren. 

They avoided the free agency market and instead chose to secure their own players. Luguentz Dort received a five-year deal, and Mike Muscala re-signed for the veteran’s minimum. The roster is extremely youthful, so volatility will be the key characteristic of this squad. 

Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Championship Odds & Futures 2022-23

The current odds for Oklahoma City futures are located in the table below. It includes championship, conference, division, playoff, and win total odds for the Thunder. 

Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Championship Odds & FuturesOdds (Updated February 2023)
2023 NBA Championship Odds
Western Conference Winner Odds
Northwest Division Winner Odds
Regular Season Win Total Odds
Odds To Reach Playoffs

Their NBA championship odds are monstrously long because it’s incomprehensible to envision this team overcoming the titans of the NBA. Chet fixed plenty of their problems, but he is officially out for the entire season due to a foot injury. The roster is also far from its prime and unable to keep pace with the numerous contenders. Oklahoma City’s championship and conference winner odds are unwise at this point.  

Even their division winner odds are not appealing, as they must jockey with the Nuggets, Timberwolves, and Trail Blazers. The Jazz can be overcome, but there are still three teams that are significantly better than the Thunder. Injuries would have to strike swiftly and harshly for Oklahoma City to finish at the top of the division standings, which is highly unlikely. 

The regular season win total odds are the only spot that maintains any semblance of value. The Thunder were 13-24 last season in games where Gilgeous-Alexander, Giddey, and Dort all played. That is a 28-29 win pace, which doesn’t clears the current line by much even with ensured health. Adding their rookies minus Chet will boost the team, but competition and injuries are a scare. 

Victor Wembanyama’s appearance in the 2023 NBA Draft also means the Thunder may tank, which would jeopardize the over for win total. Overall, I would take the under for regular season win total. 

Reasons Why Oklahoma City Thunder Can & Can’t Win NBA 2022-23 Championship 


  • Playmaking: Oklahoma City has a variety of options who can handle the ball and create for others. As a rookie, Josh Giddey displayed tantalizing court vision and playmaking chops. He routinely hit teammates cross-court or found an open cutter. His backcourt partner, Gilgeous-Alexander, is a lethal driver who efficiently breaks down the defense off the dribble. Because he was one of the most double-teamed players in the NBA last season, he made tremendous strides with his decision making and accuracy. The Thunder also have a plethora of secondary playmakers; Kenrich Williams and Darius Bazley were able to create when they had the ball. All of their rookies are at a minimum decent passers, so the Thunder are loaded with playmakers. 
  • Perimeter Defense: The Thunder were 2nd in isolation defense and 3rd in pick and roll ball handler defense last season. Dort is a menace on the wing who can stonewall bigger forwards while mirroring quick guards. He leads the defense and stifles the opponent’s best perimeter player. Kenrich and Bazley, meanwhile, both have excellent length and anticipation. That duo will quench the forward rotation and switch when necessary. Rookie Jalen Williams can immediately contribute also, as he is a rangy 6’6” wing who eliminates passing lanes. 
  • Size:  The backcourt isn’t conventional, as Giddey (6’8”) and Gilgeous-Alexander (6’6”) often dwarf the competition. Mike Muscala is a perimeter-oriented center, yet he still stands 6’11”. The power forward starter spot is unknown, but Robinson-Earl, Kenrich, and Bazley all bring length. The only starter under 6’6” tall is Lu Dort, yet he is built like a truck. Chet’s injury dampens this advantage, but the Thunder still maintain a lineup with size. Their playmaking will also be enhanced because they often have the 5th passing lane available (over defender’s head). 


  • Interior Scoring: The Thunder were the least efficient half-court offense in large part because they lacked interior scoring. Derrick Favors wasn’t a paint threat, as he produced 5.3 PPG in 39 games. Over half of Muscala and Robinson-Earl’s FGA were three-pointers, so Oklahoma City lacked a paint scoring punch from their big men. Gilgeous-Alexander was the most prestigious paint scorer, but opponents doubled him inside. Chet alleviated most of these concerns, but his injury means interior scoring remains a serious weakness. 
  • Streaky Shooting: The Thunder were last in FG%, 3PT%, and FT%. Because of this, they couldn’t take advantage of the excellent ball movement and playmaking. Jalen Williams is a sharpshooter, but the roster is still too streaky. Dort can be ice-cold for long stretches, and Giddey was a negative asset off-ball. Kenrich and Shai’s 3PT% dropped over 10% from the prior year, so they must improve their consistency. The Thunder have the talent to be near the middle of the pack for shooting efficiency, but streakiness may hold them back. 
  • Youth: There are no significant players on the roster who are in their primes, so the roster is more potential than production. It gives them flexibility, but the Thunder will nearly always be outclassed in terms of present skill. Oklahoma City has a possible future juggernaut; however, they will lose games now because of their youth and inexperience.  
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