Pat McAfee Inc. and FanDuel Expand Sports Betting and Media Partnership

On Wednesday, Pat McAffee Inc. and FanDuel announced an expansion to their partnership. The expansion is designating FanDuel as the exclusive sports betting, daily fantasy sports, casino, and horse racing provider for Pat McAfee Inc.

FanDuel called the deal a “first-of-its-kind partnership” involving a media personality and sportsbook. FanDuel will be a distributor for Pat McAfee’s content on FanDuel’s owned and operated platforms.

Also, McAfee will be creating exclusive odds boosts and promotions for FanDuel customers, which will help sports fans with McAfee during the year. Both parties will work to develop talent under Pat McAfee Inc, which will build an influencer network.

Plus, FanDuel will be thoroughly ingrained in Pat McAffee Inc. content.

First-of-its-kind Partnership

After the 2016-2017 NFL season, former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee announced his retirement from the NFL to join Barstool Sports. From there, McAfee grew his social media brand for the next 18-months. However, in August of 2018, McAfee made an announcement saying he is leaving Barstool to create Pat McAfee Inc.

McAfee began creating his own media empire that has grown into 1.8 million Twitter followers, and 755k Instagram followers. As of this week, he also signed a one-of-a-kind deal with FanDuel, which made him an exclusive media partner with the sports betting company.

“FanDuel has been an amazing partner of ours for the past year, and I’ve loved everything I’ve done with them whether it was helping launch mobile sports betting here in Indiana or the Spread The Love promotions,” said McAfee.

The partnership will allow FanDuel to offer exclusive betting odds for the Pat McAfee Show and other Pat McAfee Inc. content. Also, FanDuel will distribute the Pat McAfee Show airing nightly at 10 pm ET on SportsGrid, which viewers can find on OTT providers such as Roku, Pluto, Xumo, TVG, and more.

McAfee will also be creating odds boost and giving promotional deals that will be tying in with Pat McAfee Inc. and FanDuel customers. The deal will benefit both parties as FanDuel will continue to get a stronghold of the media market and will help McAfee continue to dive into the sports betting industry.

FanDuel Deals

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FanDuel continues to make headline deals, which have been happening over the last few months. First, FanDuel became the first sports betting operator to form a partnership with an NFL team. They then went on to partner with SportsGrid as the sole sports betting odds provider, which will be streaming on multiple platforms. Now, they sign a deal with Pat McAfee Inc., which has grown in size since McAfee left the NFL.

The sports betting company continues to make splashes across different avenues outside of sports betting. Right now, FanDuel is in eight states and will soon be launching in Colorado. The number will continue to grow as sports betting becomes legal in more states. Now, they are creating partnerships with media companies to only solidify their brand as one of the premier sports betting sites in the U.S.

The media partnerships will help in the longterm as sports betting becomes more popular. People will see FanDuel odds on multiple media platforms, and think of them if they sign up for an account. The sports betting company sees how media will play a huge role in the long term of the sports betting industry. There is only a matter of time before FanDuel’s brand explodes throughout the U.S.

Pat McAfee Inc. and FanDuel Indiana

The new partnership could have a more significant impact on FanDuel customers in the state of Indiana. The partnership will benefit everyone nationally. However, Indiana will see the most out of it. First, McAfee played for the Colts his whole career while in the NFL.

When McAfee was at Barstool, he was the one that was trying to grow the Barstool brand in the midwest before leaving the media company. Today McAfee still lives in the Indianapolis area. Pat McAfee Inc. has its headquarters in the area as well.

McAfee has a strong relationship with Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. There is a good chance that Indiana FanDuel customers are the beneficiaries of special boosts and odds. McAfee will make sure all FanDuel customers are taken care of with an extra something for Indiana.

Overall, the partnership is huge for FanDuel, and Pat McAfee Inc. both will help each other grow their brands over different platforms and industries. The partnership will help continue to bring both entities to the top of their game.

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