Pete Rose Launching Sports Betting-Focused Podcast

Podcasts have become one of the biggest media platforms of the past few years. Shows such as Serial, RadioLab, and The Daily have been downloaded by the millions by loyal fans. As you could imagine, sports are one of the most popular podcast topics, which is why you see shows like The Bill Simmons Podcast and The Pat McAfee Show 2.0 accumulate such legions of fans. Well, another wrinkle has been added to sports culture in recent years with the massive popularity of sports betting. Now that wagering is widely available and can be done directly from your smartphone, podcasts focused on sports betting have gained popularity. One name that you might not expect is throwing his hat in the betting-focused podcasting ring, and it will be interesting to see how it develops. Let’s take a look at the new podcast from a former MLB great.

Pete Rose Starting Sports Betting Podcast

Whether you know Pete Rose for his pitching with the Cincinnati Reds, his time as an MLB manager, or for other reasons we’ll get into, you probably recognize the name. Well, the longtime controversial sports figure has just found a new venture in podcasting. The podcast will reportedly focus on sports betting, and common topics will include betting tips, analyzing lines, and basic wagering talk.

The news may come as a bit of a shock to longtime sports fans considering Rose’s complicated history with sports betting. Rose was officially given a lifetime ban from professional baseball in 1989 for betting on Cincinnati Reds games. The longtime pitcher denied any involvement in gambling for years, until the release of his book My Prison Without Bars in 2004. In the book, Rose describes that he did gamble on Reds games. However, Rose made it clear he only bet on his team to win.

Will Rose Ever Get into the Hall of Fame?

The controversy surrounding Rose’s gambling forever changed his legacy. He’s been notoriously kept out of the Hall of Fame for years now, with no current signs that he’ll be inducted anytime soon. However, some members of the media believe it’s time to induct the record-holding former player. One major argument is the hypocrisy of punishing Rose for betting when the MLB now openly embraces sports betting with team partnerships and advertisements.

Plenty of Podcasting Competition

The podcasting world is already extremely packed, with seemingly anyone with a microphone and a laptop recording a show. Sports betting podcasts are getting more and more prevalent as well, meaning Pete Rose will have plenty of competition when he launches his show. Some of the most popular shows include Beating the Book with Gil Alexander, Bet The Board, and Against All Odds with Cousin Sal.

Entire podcasting networks have been created in conjunction with the proliferation of legal sports betting. In 2017, longtime commentator Brent Musberger launched the Vegas Stats and Information Network, a full slate of podcast shows that broadcasts live daily. Additionally, last month it was announced that the Wynn will open their very own podcasting studio inside the resort that will focus on sports. Rose might have his competitors, but he’s joining a very popular field.

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